Have You Had A "Superconscious" Experience?

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  • lurk3r

    Thanks for that info poppers. I seen a poster in a subway advertising Meditation and inquired. There was a meetup at a very nice house in downtown London. Long and short of it all, the "instructors" there, gave me the creeps! It seemed as if they werent really themselves or something. It was TM as well. The instructors, were giving info and answering questions. I know I wasn't the only one that was a little uncomfortable, as few people just walked right out.

    They didn't "charge" per say, but they asked you to give a certain percentage of your income for one month. After all was said and done there, it was a ceremony that you had to go through in a weeks time. You had to bring a bottle of wine and a white table cloth. During this ceremony you would give them an envelope with your "donation", and you would be assigned a mantra. The one guy speaking was saying how a specific mantra would be assigned to you, and what made me cringe was him saying they really wanted this whole thing to "really take root" as the instructor indoctrinated you or something.

    It didn't feel right, so i never attended.

  • NvrKssdNObutt

    I was a jdub from july of 1972 until i woke up in aug of 2007

    If i hadnt been a jdub wanting to keep free of demunz i would have been meditating for years and by now i might be more enlightened

    there are many free downloads on how to meditate

    so far my higher self tells me that i am a chicken shit and refuses to talk to me! jk

    the fact that children around the world are conscious of past lives makes some interesting reading also ---- some ethnic groups with no taboos against such thoughts are more prevalent in such memories

    intead of doing like the wt says "advertise, advertise, advertise we should do like others above have said -- meditate meditate meditate

  • BabaYaga

    Tex said:

    By that I mean, how do you start off? ...what do you focus on to begin the meditation?

    You focus on your breath. You just feel the breath expanding your abdomen, you hear your breath going through your nostrils, you feel it deep in your lungs; you do nothing but listen and feel. Whenever your mind starts to wander, you bring it back to the breath.

    Here is a page on a simple breath meditation: http://www.how-to-meditate.org/breathing-meditations.htm/


    And to answer you, Lurk3r, you said:

    It was the "curse" perspective that caught my eye. It kinda changes things up from an overall level of doing goodness to particular starting of an event or something. Perhaps the "Threefold Law" would be brought into effect on a more intense level or something along that line?

    Some Pagan practitioners believe that by showing intent (through ritual, no matter how simple or complex) one has placed the intent into the Universe. So, yes, when you mentioned "starting of an event or something", practitioners would consider the ritual with intent an event in itself.

    Be careful what you wish for, indeed.

  • Hope4Others

    I don't meditate tried a couple of times, but I find it hard to focus....I have had such experiences since I was 7...

    I use to be afraid by them because of being a jw. But now I just go with it....


  • doofdaddy

    On a slightly different note, I was in India years ago, looking for "truth" in all the wrong places. Previously I had used numerous hallucinagens and had really pushed the envelope in ceremoney etc. I was staying in a village high up in the Himalayas and had an Israeli family as neighbours. One evening I went over to visit and the dad was with his daughter settling her for bed. She was reading a children's book in Hebrew to her father. I sat quietly waiting and the 5 yr old turned to me with these deep dark eyes staring through me said something and then turned back to her reading.

    The father was confused, so I asked what she said. She was reading Alice In Wonderland and she said "You be careful following rabbits down rabbit holes, as you don't know where they will lead you"

    Freaked me out especially when the dad said she channels lots of stuff and her mother said she is the reincarnation of her (the mother) best friend who died as a teen. She would say things only the friend could have known....

  • coffee_black

    Nearly 20 years ago, I was driving a van to south Florida. A friend of mine was with me and we had a group of kids with us. We were on I95 and as you may know, there are no hills.... unless they are overpasses. Sometimes you can't see over the the overpass to the other side. We were going about 60 mph... not speeding. Just over the crest of the overpass traffic came to a sudden stop. There was no way to stop fast enough to avoid hitting the car/s in front of me. I felt like the wheel was pulled from my hands and we drove around the cars within a space I had thought too small to get through. I did not do the maneuvering. My friend looked at me and asked how I did that...and I remember saying that I didn't think I did that. The kids in the back didn't even know we had just avoided a horrible crash.

    Still makes me wonder.


  • mindmelda

    Most of my life I've been told by people who claim to be psychic that I'm psychic or empathic too. Naturally, when I was an active Witness this scared the piss out of me, thinking I was "demonized".

    I've always had intuitive flashes, premonitions, and accurate "readings" of others all my life. I think it's an innate ability that we all have to some extent, but some can utilize it more than others.

  • snowbird

    I've had such experiences all my life.

    I can "read" people whom I've never seen - just by their voices or their postings.

    Sometimes at work, when I'm about to make a mistake, a "voice" will warn me.

    I attribute it to a guardian angel.

    Those who have ears to hear, should do just that.


  • snowbird

    I posted this on BurnTheShip's hiatus thread; this, imo, well illustrates my statements above.

    I know it sounds ridiculous from one anon poster to another (and I've slammed you a little bit before), but I love you Sylvia, your "aura" comes through. Ray
    There's nothing ridiculous about it.
    One good and true spirit recognizes another.
    An actual happening: After my vacation, I came up short in the finance department. SOMETHING told me to approach the lady across the way whom I don't know very well.
    I asked her if she could find a way to make me a loan of $800 until 8-21-09. She nodded sympathetically and told me to come on inside. I thought she was going to write me a check and draw up an agreement, but she went into a closet and returned with 8 Ben Franklins!
    I was speechless for a minute and began to stutter my thanks. She said, "I have been blessed with quite a bit materially; it is a pleasure to help out others who are in need. Even though you and I don't interact much, I can tell you are a good Christian person. Is $800 all you need?"
    I am so affirmed by being in her company.

    Thanks for this thread, Metatron.


  • FlyingHighNow

    I have learned that the circle of saints, native american anscestors, spirit guides and guardian angels are just different names for the same spirits. Their circle is right here with us, just on a different plain or dimension. We all are tuned into their frequency, even though most people don't know it. They can convey messages to us, give us wisdom, help us gain from the cumulative knowledge of the ages of humankind and give us wisdom from our creator.

    Messages can come without our asking. Messages can come with our asking. We are not alone here. We are the focus of many unseen benevolent beings. And there are the malevolent beings. We have to learn to distinguish between the messages and who they come from. Just like here in the material world, some are not out for the good of others. It is the same in the spirit world, at least at this point of the story. The battle between good and evil is still being worked out. Good will win eventually and perfectly and all will benefit. Love will conquer all.

    So plug in, listen, being careful not to become obsessed. And really think about love. Good messages will always involve love. They will not encourage you to do anything destructive.

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