My JW parents met my wife, but would not see me...

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  • SixofNine

    Weird, I read the first two thirds of this story laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, and then suddenly found myself with a lump in my throat and fighting back tears.

  • oompa

    sixofnine that was just like me!!! i said sad and funny all at few can even understand this.....even his mom said so......

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I would have taken a folding chair and planted myself at the end of the driveway where my parents could see me and gnash their teeth.

  • restrangled

    Confession...I read this and lost my breath. I can't breathe, I can't breathe. I cannot stand it.


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Classy, that's all I can say. You handled that with the utmost class.

  • Confession

    how many years have you been out?....prob a long time, so why fluck do they not see that shunning is ineffective in your case?.........that is supposed to be the reasoning..........that you will "come back" due to seems like after decades or whatever you could say "obviously it aint gonna work"...........and end it

    I came to my senses on September 15th, 2004, went to my last meeting in May of 2005, but finally told my mother my position in March of 2006. I get an absolute kick out of that part of it too: the idea that if they stop associating with us, it will be an incentive to return so that we can be with them again. Doesn't it seem so infantile? Doesn't it convey a lack of confidence in their religion to think the only way they can lure you back is through subjecting you to the fear of abandonment? I wrote a poem about it once. Note the emboldened part in particular...

    To my former family member
    Here’s my last communiqué
    We have reached the big December
    No more talk in any way

    I once loved you so intensely
    But you broke the cardinal rule
    You have sinned oh so immensely
    You’ve become the Devil’s tool

    I could take it if you lied
    Wouldn’t much mind if you stole
    As long as you had cried
    They’d just put you on parole

    Bloody stabbing is acquitted
    Sex with kids is just uncouth
    The grave sin you have committed
    Is you say, “It’s not The Truth”

    And so I will ignore you
    I’m giving you the boot
    From now on I will abhor you
    Forever standing mute

    I hope that this will hurt you
    Slicing right down to your core
    I want for this to crush you
    So you’ll agree once more

    I’m told that I should “hate” you
    You’re a foe of God above
    I wish that this deflates you
    But I do it out of “love”

    No natural affection
    But please always remember
    It’s just punitive correction
    From a former family member


  • Quandry


    You are a thoughtful son. When your parents talk about this later, what really bad can they say about you? Can you imagine them explaining to a stranger why they won't see you?

    At any rate, I imagine that you will be called on at a future time when your folks can no longer physically care for themselves. The WTS will be more than happy at that time for you to have all the contact with them that you they will not want the responsibility!!

  • etna

    You are very kind and so is your wife. Its ashame your parents have let men dictate what they can and can't do. What has happened to natural affection between parents and children? What about uncondictional love? Hope everything good to come your way. Maybe one day they can wake up. Lets make sure that we are never like that.

  • ldrnomo

    This is another fine example of the effect the watchtower organization has had on families. It's so ridiculous it makes me sick. So many of us are affected by this outrageous society that uses shunning as a mind control method.


  • BirdFood

    Confession, First I would like to say that I am so sorry you have to deal with this type of situation, you and your wife sound like very nice people. Second, I really admire your courage and grace in handling this situation. Your wife must be very special to be able to walk into your parents house alone and outnumbered having never met them before. I wish you two a lot of happiness together. ;-)



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