WHERE in the bible does it say each creative day was 6,000 years? Ending around 1975??

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  • BluesBrother

    If Adam had been created in 4026 b c e, according to WT chronology, and Armageddon came 6000 years later in 1975 c e (less a zero year) then Christ's Millennium would conclude 7000 years after creation .....

    They cottoned on that a time period elapsed after Adam's creation, this allowed for his existence, naming animals getting lonely and weloming Eve, concluding the creative day. How long was that period?

    Wt 76. 7/15 p 437

    What, then, does this mean? Simply this: That these factors, and the possibilities for which they allow, prevent us from saying with any positiveness how much time elapsed between Adam’s creation and that of the first woman. We do not know whether it was a brief time such as a month or a few months, a year or even more. But whatever time elapsed would have to be added to the time that has passed since Adam’s creation in order for us to know how far along we are within God’s seventh “day,” his grand day of rest. So our having advanced six thousand years from the start of human existence is one thing. Advancing six thousand years into God’s seventh creative “day” is quite another. And we do not know just how far along in the stream of time we are in this regard.

    In Blondie's quote from 1987 they still stuck to the same formula, so the period elapsed was admitted by then to be at least twelve years . The teaching has never been revoked, so the time to create Eve is at least 34 years and counting.

    Adam must have been a patient man.........

  • mkr32208

    HOLY CRAP don't you guys know how to summerize something! What the heck is up with the 1000 word links one right after another. Does anyone actually read all that garbage?

  • wantingtruth

    regarding the lenght of a creative day...

    How interesting is the man ! and his mind !
    he wants to know all -- even the things God doesn't disclose to us - so I was !

    But God has His own way to be : he "conceals" his things !
    Proverbs 25 :
    2. It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

    The Bible searchers know for sure
    --that God created Adam at the end of the sixth creative day
    --that immediately (may be some years) after Adam's creation the seventh day begun

    -- but never told God to us how long is a creative day !
    -- never is told that at the end of the (seventh ) millenium, the seventh creative day is finished also !
    I never found that !

    All what humans (christians) did , was to suppose and to interpretise by themselves the chronologies (the private interpretation) , also the lenght of the creative day !
    No one on earth can say that "the Spirit of truth/of God" helped him to find how long is a creative day !

    So , the conclusion is , we merely humans don't know how long is a creative day, it is something what belongs to God .
    It can be so long , as to "cover" back the time "found" by scientifical means .

    friendly, rus v.

  • Narkissos

    Imo the first 'presumptuous' and unwarranted assumption is to posit that the text cannot simply mean what it says: "days" as in "days," "days" as defined, rhythmed, reckoned and numbered by the alternance of darkness and light, night and day, evening and morning, and culminating with the rest of the sabbath day (aka. Saturday). When the plain meaning of the text is ruled out right away because of extra-textual considerations (anachronistic harmonisation with modern science), the search for another "true" meaning is bound to be endless...

  • orangefatcat

    Thanks to those who did research and to Blondie well done. You are the cream of the crop. Do you still maintain your entire WTS library?

    I still have many of my books also and my ex husband has most of my watchtower and awake volumes and when I get some book cases I intend to get them from him. But for now I have all my other Bible literature and religious studies and different translations and commentaries of scriptures in one of my larger book cases I still need two or three heavy duty wooden book cases. But they are quite expensive so I look around at garage sales and hope to find a couple. In fact that just gave me an idea I think I will get up and go out to see if I can find some today. Oh no I can't itsonly Friday, not the day of garage sales. So now then

    I wanted to continue to say that I could never see the reasoning behind the creative days. One day my brother in law tried to engage me in conversation on this subject shortly after his baptizm and he was always trying to trip me up. He has an ego as large as his country. Anyway, I never grasped the creative days so trying to explain something that made no sense to me was difficult. I did the best I could explaining as most of you explained it. He was all huffy and snickered at me. I often think he did this to see if I would faulter or make a fool of my self.

    I don't envy him in the least, he got baptized in 92, is so gray and my sister is haggert and miserable and quite unhappy according to my aunt who is not a witness but who is close contact to my mom and sisters.

    Creative dating was done haphazzardly and is a joke. It was all guess work, taking others work and saying it was their work or just taking dates out of thin air and making up dates to fit into a pattern or plan that fit their scheme. What a scam. And unfortunately so many have goobled it up and continue to do so. As we all know most person coming in to the organization have no idea about these wild idiotic teachings. As well as their still idiotic ideas today.

    And the WT&BT think we are their nemisis well I think not they do a fine job making themselves look stupid without our help.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Thanks to UC for posting the articles. My comments refer to the Feb. 8th, 1961 Awake.

    "In calling the light "Day," God meant a day of 12 hours."

    I love the distractions they put in to make themselves look so smart. The average JW is satisfied with such statements.
    They don't mean that every 24 hours is TWO days in that case. This is simply the common usage of the words. Two days would pass when two of those 12-hour light periods pass, then night would simply be included.

    "We even find the entire creative week refered to as a day: 'This is the history of the heavens and the earth...in the day that Jehovah God made earth and heaven.'" (Ellipses are theirs, not mine.)

    Did anyone catch the flaw? I will point it out from the beginning of this article:
    "...the Bible simply states: 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' (Gen. 1:1) It does not tell us how much time elapsed between the creation of the universe and the first 'day' of the creative 'week' used by God in preparing the earth for human habitation."

    They contradict themselves in this one article. They call the creation of the heavens and earth a single day that is made up of the creative week then say that the creation of the heavens and earth is not part of that week. (Heck, writing it confused me.) God didn't make the earth and heaven within the creative week, but made them "in the beginning." They claim science can be right that the earth is millions of years old, and the Bible can be right that life is only thousands of years old. Then they twist it all up and get it wrong.

    The para. that starts with "Since Paul emphasizes..." on page 7 of the article makes all the leaps of logic without a single scripture to arrive at 7000 years for a creative day. Oh, a couple of scriptures are at the end of the paragraph to make it look good, but they don't do anything to make the point. Then they go back to confusing stuff to make themselves just look smart, how the 1000 years within that day will be a day unto itself.

    After such distractions, they tell us that the matter is proved:
    "Since the scriptures indicate that God's rest day is seven thousand years long..."

    We're still waiting for that to be done.

    The Oct. 8th, 1966 article is how legends are born.
    "From the indications in God's Word, each was apparently 7000 years in length." (refering to the "creative days.")

    Yes, they act as if it has already been an established fact that each creative day was 7000 years old. I am surprised they didn't just put a footnote in this article refering back to the other article. (They must have learned to do that later.) So there is no more need to prove this well-established point. It's a fact that further articles can move forward from.

    I mocked their 7000-year theory on page one of this thread. If you go back and read my mock, it really reads the same as their actual article, but without all the distractions.

  • PSacramento

    Some people have fetishes for the #7, for numbers in general its seems, isn't numerology a pagan thing ?

  • M.J.

    When the plain meaning of the text is ruled out right away because of extra-textual considerations (anachronistic harmonisation with modern science), the search for another "true" meaning is bound to be endless...

    Very true. This practice is very selectively applied.

  • NewYork44M

    Since the society never announced new light related to the 7,000 year creative days that must mean that this is part of the "truth." Right?

    I wonder why Spike has not weighed in on this belief as a distingushing feature of the true religion??

  • WuzLovesDubs

    I thought a day was like a thousand years to God? When did a day become 7000 years?

    And Quad...you can teach as a female if you put a disposable diaper on your head while you do. At least thats what the pioneers used to do before they went out in service if there was no older man available LOL!

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