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  • AuntBee

    THe other day, i was with a car full of kids, and we saw a car group going out in service. The kids , mostly young teens, were fascinated with the suits, ties, dresses, etc. I was explaining a little about it, and they kept asking questions like, "Wow, can they go swimming?" "Do they have to dress like that all the time?" "what a drag.", etc.

    It got me to thinking that the era where this type of dressing up had a strong appeal is just about over. I think it was VERY attractive/appealing to the adult generation during the years that our culture was changing over to being much more casual, even sloppy. But now, To anyone in their forties or younger, it is actually an anti-witness. To us, it might as well be a group that has to wear prairie dresses, etc, and doesn't hold any special appeal at all. I've read in many of the stories/testimonies about the householder being SO impressed with the spiffy dressing. Now it just seems anachronistic.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If people are no longer impressed by their dress, then they can call reactions "persecution."

    I still say there will be a few more years or more of "impressed." Imagine the waitresses trying to bolster their tip with "My, look how sharp you are, young man (with the cult conference badge on)."


    AuntBee.. It`s funny to see people all dressed up..So they can sit in a car!..............LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Atpeaceatlast

    During the summer JWs come to Reading, PA for their DAs, and when my husband and go out to eat in the evening, we see JWs in the restaurant all dressed up (with their name tags on, of course). They stick out like a sore thumb because the majority of the people in there, myself included, dress casually. Since I've been out of their circle for many years, it's very odd seeing them like that. My husband asked me about a little boy that was with one of them wondering why they were dressing the tyke in a three-piece suit. I told them they always dress their children like miniature adults. It weirded my husband out. It just reminds me of the old Stephord Wives movie, except in their case, Stephord people.

    Glad those days are over for me.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Dressing up was the worst of chores. I really hated dresses, nylons, and uncomfortable shoes and freezing for it for no other purpose than to sit with like dressed people. Who were we trying to impress, anyway? And don't get me started on those 3 piece suits for infants and toddlers!

  • oompa

    i have a closet FULL of nice suits.........kinda dusty......anybody want a 42 long?............oompa

  • WTWizard

    I remember that--getting dressed up just so I could go around with a bag full of littera-trash to place with people. If I were doing a business, I would have been better to dress neatly but not in a suit (and especially not if it was hot and muggy). A nice semi-dress shirt and matching slacks from L.L.Beans or another place known for top quality would suffice--neat, clean, in good condition, but not necessarily dressing up.

    And, these days, people get defensive when salesmen get too dressed up. The proper level of dress-up is usually something appropriate for the weather at the time (you should be comfortable), with top quality semi-formal slacks and shirt that does not need to be dry cleaned (a CEO, on the other hand, might have occasion to dress in a full suit). Save the damn suit for those special boasting sessions, conditions permitting--and allow "sisters" the option of wearing dress or semi-dress slacks with a good blouse instead of a dress and nylon stockings.

    Funny thing, if you have premium quality semi-formal clothing, it often looks better than a cheap suit anyways.

  • Quandry

    From the first time my daughter went to the KHall or out in service, two weeks old, she wore a dress!!

    I remember the nylons, before it became popular to wear dressy sandals without hose, in Florida, in the summer.....

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I packed all my dresses away three yrs. ago and glad of it . I haven't worn one until two weekends ago for an evening wedding . We had to go buy my husband a new shirt and tie and dress shoes . He looked really good all dressed up my husband in a suit I do .

    When appropriate like for a wedding I think it's real nice to dress up . But for heavens sake it is just idiotic to be in nylons , heels, and a long skirt during summer especially crawling in and out of a car when it is 90 degrees out with matching humidity .

    When my boys were little I dressed them appropriate to the weather Shorts and clean cotton pull over shirts for service in summer until they were about four . Many sisters tried to guilt me about it ,but I just smiled and did as i thought best . I do remember local needs talks were they advocated dressing the small ones in suits and girls in dresses . ( huh I wonder if that was because of me .....naah)

  • wobble

    They increasingly look as anachronistic as, say, the Amish.

    when I am driving out and about,I can spot them a mile away ! almost literally ! Makes it easy for householders to not answer the door,so a good thing.

    I remember the WT saying "People should be able to identify you by your dress and grooming as a "christian" "

    How different from Our Lord Jesus Christ,on one occasion when enemies were intent on doing him harm,He simply melted into the crowd.

    You could pick the dressed up Dub out of any crowd in less than a second !



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