What made me take "The Red Pill"?

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  • reniaa

    I have a friend who could tell you exactly what1914 is based on it's in daniel times and personally it's not an issue for me. Some people need the depth on prophecies. For me I only needed to know Jehovah is God and Jesus is his actual son.

    My faith is all about which God I believe in and when I compare Jehovah to a triune roman inspired opposite, no contest. What I asked myself when I wasnt a witness for a long time, was I willing to accept as an alternate viewpoint.

    a/ atheism - No God

    2/ alternate God away from christianity

    3/ alternate christian God

    4/ agnostic - vague belief in God but not really investing in more than an awareness of him.

    I look at the bible and it confirms Jehovah to me so I stay a witness gathering with those that believe in Jehovah as hebrews warns us to before the time draws near.

    this forum touches on many things for discussion but it is always the structure of witnesses I find on the whole, how they follow the bible, how the men in lead function, how the bible is interpretated, being influenced by current culture rather than the bible.

    THe massive doctrinal issues surprisingly not touched on that often.

    Like is Jehovah/YHWH God?


  • purplesofa

    Some of us go through our lives totally unconscious and some of us begin to become conscious, listening to the inner sanity inside of us, and let that voice be heard as it gets louder, screaming when it needs to, and if you continue to listen to it, we all become more conscious.

    We can see humans coming more into consciousness all over the world a little bit more everyday.


  • BabaYaga

    Three things I have noticed that I believe to be true:

    • Those of us who are out all seemed to leave for different reasons.

    • There was not ONE HUGE THING that dissolved our faith all at once, there was merely a straw that tipped the scales, and an accumulation of doubts and facts piling up through the years.

    • And this one, which is very important to remember: Just before leaving, individuals often put up the hardest fight. They fear their own doubts, so they double their efforts in field service and personal study. They also get incredibly defensive (nearly offensive) attempting to defend their the Organization, because they are terrified of believing what they have heard or even realized on their own!

    Patience and love is the key.

  • palmtree67

    Baba Yaga,

    One of the wisest posts I have ever read. I have much to think about tonite because of it.


  • BabaYaga
  • jabberwock

    Baba Yaga, that has been just my experience. Thanks for mentioning it.

    LeavingWT, that describes me very well. I had doubts for awhile, but I never gave myself permission to consider them. I should check out Steve Hassan's book. It sounds helpful.

    I would add that I was tired of the mental gymnastics required to fight my doubts and ignore anything that challenged my beliefs. My justifications for ignoring apostates, historians, archaeologists, scientists, and my own doubts just did not seem honest or convincing anymore.

  • jaguarbass

    You havent taken the red pill until you read "The Slave Speicies of God", By Michael Tellinger.

    Based on the works of zechariah Sitchin.

    When you examine those works you will be down deep in the rabbit hole.

    No comming back.

  • doofdaddy

    Agree with a mix of Hermano Journey on and Baba

    Brief enough?

  • moomanchu

    I have a friend who could tell you exactly what1914 is based on

    LOL You need some one else to explain what you believe. LOL

    Seek mental help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the late 80's I said to my wife "Armageddon has to happen any day now cause of the generation thing".

    However if they change that all bets are off. HA HA HA

    I set an ultimatum for myself and the crotchtower, when and if they screw this up I'm otta here.

    "The truth will set you free" indeed.

  • bluecanary

    It seems to me that people most often need to have a rough personal experience before they are willing to entertain thoughts about wrong doctrines. I don't know what sparked you to quit meetings but many people have been abused by elders and fellow JWs. Once they are disillusioned about "Christian love" and see that God's holy spirit is not acting through the witnesses, they are more willing to check into the facts.

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