Did you Leave the Room for Birthday Parties as a kid?

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  • yknot

    At first I sat alone in the hall outside of my classroom door. Just me, the chair, the hallway and mind numbing silence.

    Then I sat in the school office. Just me, chair, and school secretary gossiping school stuff on the phone.

    After repeating some of her gossip I was sent to the LIBRARY!!!!

    From there onward I looked forward to especially since the teacher usually forgot to retrieve me from the library! Our librarian was a kind woman who was happy to have me sit quietly and read ......occassionally restocking books, changing displays and playing math games on the computer.

    For the record I never felt bad about leaving as I was a true-blue Dubbiekid. I even attributed my library escape to Jehovah rewarding me for remaining steadfast....... never did it cross my mind to join in (though I can think of a few Elderkids who did)

    My kids..... decide for themselves, sometimes they partake other times they choose go home early.....though usually I make sure to leave a small gift bag for the B-day child and appologize for us not being there for the singalong and sweets.

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