Did you Leave the Room for Birthday Parties as a kid?

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  • dinah

    No, I never did. But then again, I don't remember any birthday parties at school. I attended plenty of birthday sleepovers and such. It helped having a non-Dub father. I colored pictures of Santa when I was in elementary school as well. I was the only Witness at my school until the 7th grade. My best friend moved to my town then. Of course, we never told on each other for anything and I mean ANYTHING.


    I was never allowed to attend birthday partys..All hell would break loose at any attempt..

    I was later to find out..

    My parents did not hold themselves to the same stringent rules,they held me to..


  • dinah

    I've noticed in my years on JWD, I had it easier than alot of you other born-ins. Of course, Mom was always there to make me feel guilty for any fun I actually had.

  • hopelesslystained

    yes. i had to sit in the pricipal's office till the party was over.

  • bibledike

    I've made up missing birthday parties by celebrating now. On my 21st my co workers bought me drinks at a bar and on my 22nd my friend took me clubbin and we had more drinks. I'm slowly getting into the hang of things.

  • BurnTheShips

    Yes. I still remember sitting at the other end of the Kindergarden.


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Several yrs. in grade school I had to sit in the hall during parties . And sure enough people walking by made fun of me because that was where the naughty kids had to sit

    It made me feel horrible as a child even though I tried to convince myself this is what Jehovah wanted from me .

    I have made up for it though ...the last three years my friends have taken me out for great times on my birthday . In fact my avatar picture is of me and the lead singer of a local band on my 1st b-day party !

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Yep, had to sit in the hall or in the office with the bad kids. When I grew up and had kids I picked them up and took them out to lunch, I guess my mom could have done the same but she was too busy knocking on doors. (little angry)

  • JWdaughter

    NO birthday parties in elementary school, I missed every one. I did make a sugar easter egg in the 3rd grade and felt so guilty about it that I gave it to my bus driver (like I could bring it home!!!) , but there was a JW who held seances every day in drama class in jr high. . . My Jr. high days introduced me to a whole other class of JWs. The one who ignored every rule. Forgot about them till now. I wonder what the kids who I attended the KH with were like around real people? (my mom rebelled and kept us in the old cong. when we moved and since she was still a study, they let her, which meant we didn't attend the same schools as the kids in our hall did except one elder who did the same thing. I was told it wasn't allowed normally).

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I had to sit out in the hall or the library like a bad kid. In 5th grade, I quit doing that and started joining in.

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