First shunning today!

by sooner7nc 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • crapola

    Hopefully I'll be next Sooner. I'm sooooo sick of all this!

  • BabaYaga

    LeavingWT said:

    Funny, he won't talk to me, but he did accept a free donut, and he thanked me for it.

    Apostasy via transfat, I say.

    Dang, that's funny. Well... as funny as these sad and completely rediculous situations can be, anyway.

    But wait a minute... that means that he actually broke bread and ate with you!!!

    Cool. Let this be a lesson to us: Never underestimate the power of a donut.

  • mouthy

    Bit late on this thread but> But, if they looked my way or greeted me, I would at least smile, which wasn't "saying a greeting,"
    I would wink at them.....then felt guilty!!!

    Hi Sooner(((((Waves)))

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