I am a sinner and there is no denying that fact

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  • 504deist

    i went through this too. the feelings that something is wrong with me. it wasn't until i was able to prove to myself that the witnesses are wrong that i was able to start healing. i was able to finally choose my own path. after alot of reading and pondering, i realised there was nothing wrong with me or god. it is men that are the problem. the men that wrote the bible, the men that made religions, the men that told everyone what god was and used god for their own means. once i understood this, i was able to break free from the j.w.'s the bible, and finally christianity. i have a closer relationship with god now more than ever. i am at peace. hopefully, you will find your own path and are able to breath the sweet air of freedom. it is a slow path, but, if taken you will be able to break free of the burdon.


    I`m not a sinner!!

    Reniaa is though!


    She`s good at it!!..


  • Yizuman
  • OnTheWayOut

    I'm mostly with WTW and doofdaddy on this. My philosophy might be slightly or radically different, but the end is that I don't believe we are sinners born imperfect. All of the universe is perfect with a couple of near-perfections. The animals didn't sin to be the way they are.

    Nobody has ever lived up to the standards of the old testament. That doesn't mean we are sinners.

    Sin is learned from religion. So unlearn it. If you think that pleasure is a sin because it hurts yourself, then perfection is a sin. Living up to a ridiculous standard would really hurt your brain, and who says that the standard would be considered perfect? If premarital sex and some drunkenness and smoking something and stuff like that is your idea of sin, I disagree. Everything we do can hurt ourself, the important thing is not to intentionally hurt others. Sin is defined by the law and our conscience. We need to free our conscience of religious ideas and live proper.

  • parakeet

    Girlie, a kinder and more accurate statement would be that we're human and there's no denying that fact.

  • 504deist

    haha jesus is checking out that chicks ass. lol hahaha, sorry, couldn't resist.

  • OnTheWayOut

    All of the universe is perfect with a couple of near-perfections. The animals didn't sin to be the way they are.

    Oops, I sinned made a mistake. I meant to say that "All of the universe is imperfect with a couple of near-perfections."

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I believe that the entire concept is lacking substance.

    Sinner? Meaning what exactly? That I 'miss the mark' of perfection? What is that? How do I identify it as perfect since this is outside the realm of my existence and experience?

    I rather think that I am but human - perhaps never intended to be 'perfect'?

    What if the entire concept is just religious imagery and construct designed to control my thoughts and actions? If God really wanted 'perfect' people, why test them to see if they could hold up? Seems like the whole Adam/Eve testing scenario with naked lady and talking snake was designed to show that, rather than fallen perfection, God missed the mark. He made man and woman. They could not hold up under a simple test - hence we all get to be judged as 'imperfect' until finally some far out of balance 'ransom' is satisfied - Jesus' few hours of suffering and death to 'buy' mankind another chance at perfection and to redeem billions of lives and hundreds of trillions of years of suffering for mankind? Seems like the scale is way off here.

    If I produced a mold unable to produce the product intended - why let the mold continue to produce faulty parts for centuries when a quick destruction of the mold and replacement with a mold that works would work far better and create a far better longterm scenario.

    Just my two cents


  • Girlie

    Thanks again for the many insightful comments on here. As Parakeet made it clear in her comment, one needs to distinguish themselves from religious conditioning of guilt and see themselves for who they truly are: Human and naturally so.

    Slowly, but surely, I will find that inner peace and contentment free of guilt feelings. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel

    Even sinners are worthy of love, respect, and careful thought, even as our sins must be hated with the right measures, including insightful counsel and reconciling forgiveness.

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