Old JW lady just at my door by herself..................

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  • DaCheech

    remember all the assembly parts where "angels" led the witnesses to a door?

    these householders were praying or "gsdhhs" or "Fdshgj".

    what angel brought her to you?

  • outofservice

    DaCheech- Don't know for sure but I think he is "dark"

  • restrangled


    If it is an old lady JW...my mom is one of them still pioneering and keeping her hours up in between. Please have some mercy. Its all they have at this age. None of them will let go at this point despite any informative information. It's too late. Reserve your energy for younger people. I feel so bad my mom is still out there slaving away in her mid 70's.

    Shes much more mellow in her older years, but firmly established in the mindset. Again, its all they have. I have had to let it go. Please don't think anything you come up with will change their mind. Don't waste their time or yours.


  • outofservice

    restrangled-I mean no disrepect but my mother is also in her 70's and still pioneering she can go door to door and spew the JW garbage every day but has not seen her grandchildren in 8 years and never met her 4 year old grandson all though I have begged for years she is there only grandparent and does not care about anything but the orginization. So I am very well aware of what these older ones are all about.

    As I stated in an earlier comment

    I am not rude to anybody that comes to my door.Despite all of the crap I have had to deal with due to this cult I would never take it out on one of the lost souls that comes to my door unless they don't act like a christian and then I will respond appropretly, but still keep my dignity

    These people no matter there age have destroyed a lot of lives including there own families and they will be held accountable in the end.

  • kurtbethel

    I had one that visited me around 2002. She was maybe 65-70. She was very personable and enjoyed talking to me. I could tell it was her authentic self and not a programmed personality. It turned out that she had a son that had been killed in an accident, and I think she enjoyed the company of a younger man who was friendly and caring. (that would be me) Eventually she drifted away but I would certainly say hey to her if I ran into her again. I would even be able to talk to her about God and spiritual matters in a toned down way so as to not trigger any alarms, now that I know a bit about the teachings.


    I don’t understand "Reniaa"’s comment, surely if a witness knocks on your door don’t matter what age they are, they are inviting you to answer.

    My wife and I had a couple call on us, after listening to their introduction we got onto the U.N.

    We gave him Photostat copies of the guardian newspaper and copies from the U.N.

    I got him to say "3 TIMES" that he would come back, his words "no matter what, we will return"

    That was about a year ago !


  • Heaven

    The question is... will she remember to come back. Getting old sucks!

  • WuzLovesDubs

    I too am always nice to the victim volunteers who come to my door. Hapless drones that they are. I tell them Im an EXJW and if they translate that into "apostate" in their addled brains thats their problem. But i am ALWAYS kind.

  • steve2

    Being kind is like a two-way street. Some JWs seem to lack it in their door-to-door work whilst others nicely convey a very kind attitude.

    The mere fact that someone is sharing their faith implies a certain capacity to defend that faith. If their main way of defending that faith is to escape at the first whiff that the householder is better informed than they are, it suggests their faith is not that well grounded.

    My JW grandfather who died many years ago was very impatient with householders who couldn't defend their beliefs and he'd quote chapter and verse in an attempt to get them to examine their religion. However, as much as I loved my grandfather, I found him incredibly prickly and defensive when well-versed householders were able to quote chapter and verse back to him. The poor man often sounded out of his depth - but to be fair, he got the very response that he had shown them in the first place.

  • parakeet

    reniaa: I would say if you care at all, leave this kind old lady alone and don't play apostate games with her! respect works both ways if she returns and fulfils her obligation too you.

    I agree. I don't see anything good that can be accomplished by asking an elderly woman to come back so you can have some "fun" at her expense. It's rude and pointless.

    Save your wit for this site, where dubs have the choice to visit if they want to read hard truths about their religion.

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