Old JW lady just at my door by herself..................

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  • homeschool

    I say, if you care at all....take this as an opportunity to plant some seeds of doubt in HER head. Is she too old to change? If so, oh well. Sock it to 'em! That's the only jw magazine I've had in my house in years, I'm going to save it forever...I asked my mother for a copy & she had one lying right near her.

    Have fun!

  • outofservice

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. We will see what happens. We have never DA'd and I don't know if we have been DF'd. But if the elders show up they will know where we stand we have our flag up and I have a cross next to the front door (just for them) so they won't have to trap me in anything it's quite obvious were done with them. The old lady almost seemed new to me she gave a very simple presentation from Isaiah 65 about paradise and tried to leave the old Look brochure.So I don't know about her, but if she comes back by herself I will definatley try to prick her conscience gently of course. So I'll let you know if anybody shows back up.

  • steve2

    On the other hand, witnesses are not as conscientious as they used to be in making return visits, so she may not come back at all ...and there may be nothing significant in her failure to do so, other than a general slowing down of zeal. But if she does come back alone, please be considerate towards her.

  • reniaa

    I would say if you care at all, leave this kind old lady alone and don't play apostate games with her! respect works both ways if she returns and fulfils her obligation too you.


  • moomanchu

    Sheeee's baaaaaack !!!!! LOL

    leave this kind old lady alone

    She started it. LOL

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  • sammielee24

    I'd like to know how the word apostate got redefined in the English to mean - asking questions?

    Since when is it apostate to ask a JW about their religion? To find out why it is they torture their members and threaten them with the extreme discipline of shunning? To find out why they still refuse to allow the members to make all medical decisions on their own? Since when is it apostate to ask and organization what position they take and what action they follow regarding pedophilia, judicial committess, 2 witness rules and so on?

    From my recent experience with JW's....4 meetings in the past few months with 2 different sets of 'seasoned' members - the first meeting was with 1 older woman, next meeting was with her and her husband, next meeting was with her, her husband and a younger recruit, the 4th was with 2 deleted Elders who had been forced to step down because they couldn't swallow the new generation change. How's that for hypocrisy? They step down because they don't believe it but they still push the crap on everybody else......the worst part of it all??????Having to listen to the Witness switch into that sickening sweet voice - they immediately go into some sort of creepy monotone, soft spoken voice so as to appear humble and calm - it's a learned behavior and really irritating when you see it come and go depending on who they are speaking to. As phony as the religion.

    I say take any opportunity to question any and everything you can. Shunning is abuse - if an abuser comes to your door, wouldn't you confront them?

    Given her age, I would ensure that the discussion was respectful but at the same time, I would make sure that I got my point across and asked my questions. sammieswife.

  • outofservice

    moomanchu- LOL I thought the same thing when I saw her on another thread

    Let me preface this by saying I am not rude to anybody that comes to my door.Despite all of the crap I have had to deal with due to this cult I would never take it out on one of the lost souls that comes to my door unless they don't act like a christian and then I will respond appropretly, but still keep my dignity.

    sammieswife- .Exactly don't come to my door not expecting to have to defend your religion. They go out trying to tell everybody else how wrong there religion is, well guess what every day there are more and more educated people in the world who know all about there religion and it ain't pretty. So those days of sweet chit chat handing out a tract and going on in my opinion are coming to an end .Thank you great internet god.

  • shamus100

    You can really see the psychosis in Reinna here.

    Notice how she equates going door to door offering magazines to persecution by rejection? "leave the kindly old lady alone".

    Are you still following her around telling her not to post here? You will never convince someone who is psychotic, fools. Are your beliefs that weak that you need to follow this poster around like a lost puppy dog endlessly yacking and trying to prove the unprovable?

    To answer your question: The kindly old lady lied. She will never be back. But of course, maybe this is just jehovers way to get you back in the fluck...

  • isaacaustin

    outofsrvice, hopefully she does come back to you....alone....and you can enlighten her

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