Old JW lady just at my door by herself..................

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  • outofservice

    So I assume the back of the territory card was not marked that apostates live at this address.Do they still do that? Anyway the first thing I asked her was if she had a back issue of the July 09 Awake. She looked through her bag said she didn't but could get me a copy and bring it back to me. I said sure it has an article in the back about if you leave your religion your family doesn't have to shun you. I told her I wanted to send it to my Mom who hasn't visited in 8 years because I left the Witnesses. She said oh ok I will get you a copy. Then I said you probably won't come back because I am no longer a Witnesses and she said oh no I'll come back. So the bet is will she comeback by herself?Will she come back with and elder? Or will two elders show up? I am leaning toward two elders. Anybody else want to make a wager? Also what wonderful words of wisdom should I say to them. Thinking about going along the lines of the double standard that article makes.Also rereading the great post Hopscotch started three months ago. I know whatever I say doesn't matter they tune it all out but I want to have fun with it. Since I know longer live in fear of them.

  • bluecanary

    As long as you just want to have fun with them, I would do the 1919 issue. List all the ridiculous crap they were teaching at that time and ask if Jesus approved it, and if so, does that mean they've lost his approval now?

  • steve2

    Outofservice, tea and scones can work wonders...but seriously, I must have missed the post about that Awake article. Can you or someone else give me a link to the relevant post on that article? Many thanks...oh..and keep us posted on what transpires!

  • outofservice
  • steve2

    Thanks outofservice!

  • sir82

    She may come back herself, or with another little old lady, as you said you were "no longer a witness" and did not speak the magic taboo word "disfellowshipped" or "apostate".

    The phrase "no longer a Witness" doesn't pack the same punch for old timers. She might think you're just inactive.

  • Gayle

    Poor ole girl,,she doesn't know you know about her religion than she does.

  • WTWizard

    I would count on the two hounders. Or a hounder with the hounder-hounder or an assistant hounder. The hounder will ask questions designed to trap you, so no matter what answer you give, the other hounder or his assistant can mark you "apostate". At which point, there will be repeated attempts to hound you into going back.

    If that fails, look for three hounders.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I say just her, alone. She said she would be back. She will honor it. Probably won't tell anyone, they would just try to talk her out of going.

  • Jim_TX

    I tend to agree with h'horrible life' - I think that just this lady will return.

    I haven't been a JW in a coons age, but when I was a teen, there were several older ladies who were pioneers. They had a territory card checked out to them - and them alone - and they were the only ones who worked this territory. I know - cuz' I was the fella whut checked in/out the territory cards.

    Anyway - this lady that called on you, may be working solo - unless you saw a carload of 'em waiting fer her.

    Go easy on her. If she is from the '60s generation (I.E. been a JW since - or before - the 60s) you might try talking to her about how 1914 has changed - or the definition of 'generation'.

    Who knows... she may be pi**ed off about it already - and you might be making her more aware of it.


    Jim TX

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