How do you tell someone they have bad Body odor....and the "new" invention of deoderant?

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Honestly people I don't believe in 2009 some people dont use anti-persparint! At least wash before coming to work......or going in a Witnessing car group...WHEEEW!

    Lady I work with has BO......IN WINTER???? WTF! How do you tell them? Like sitting in a gym for 8 hours....ever been in a Witnessing car group with Brother "Duznotwash." Lord give us strength!

    Should I leave a Can on Deoderant on her desk secretly?

  • DJK

    Just tell them!! If they care about their hygene they will appreciate it. If not they just might do something out of respect for others.

    I was in an elevater in Boston one day. Crowded when the lift stopped and a woman got on. At the next floor everyone except myself got off. It was a faminine odor. I suggested she not go to work and get the problem checked/fixed before she embarrassed herself around coworkers who may not have the balls to say something. Her face turned red, but she said thank you.

  • oompa

    just buy a small bottle or stick.....put it in a bag on her desk or mail it to her work or at home would be better, with a note that says she really needs to use it as she has an "opportunity" for improvement in this area........oompa

    send all questions ot ASK OOMPA!

  • bibledike

    Simply mention it excuse me but you have body odor and you might need to get that checked out cause it might be something serious if d.o cant cover that

  • rebel8

    Tell her you keep smelling a bad odor and you're not sure where it came from. Pretend you have no idea it's coming from her.

    First look at the bottom of your shoes in front of her, to see if you stepped in something.

    Keep saying stuff like, "Man, I think a rat crawled in the wall and died," or, "I wonder if the garbage bag leaked when it was being changed." Then put an air freshener there.

    If she still stinks, tell her the odor didn't go away and you can't figure out what it is. Keep mentioning it until she gets the point.

    I think putting deoderant on her desk would be mean. Do this in a way that will allow her to save face.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Or you can express it by a picture...



    Give them a bag of Dog Sh*t..

    Tell them that if they rub it under thier arms..

    They will smell much better..


  • Quirky1

    Get her some Massengill....

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Outlaw friggin funny man! lol.

  • snowbird

    This is a touchy subject, especially since she's female.

    Could you perhaps ask another female to talk to her about it?


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