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  • whereami

    You gotta be kidding me! This is one of the weirdest things they've come out with.


  • dudeson

    Is this really a WT publication? It just doesn't seem like something they would put out.

  • mrsjones5

    Looks like something made up by one of the rank and file

  • BabaYaga

    No, this is one of those Witness owned private printing operations. Click if you dare: http://www.theoshare.com/

  • Gayle

    I hope they just let the little kids "scirbble" on it. Poor kids!

  • dudeson

    Those eyes on the cover page are freakin' me out yet I can't stop looking.

  • BabaYaga

    Man, oh, man. That PDF is thirty pages long! With gems like this:

    Are you excited about the convention? yes or no
    Are you ready to pay attention? yes or no
    Can you try to watch the speaker? yes or no
    Will you try to look up all the scriptures? yes or no
    Can you take short notes? yes or no
    Did you pray to Jehovah for help? yes or no
    Will you pray to Jehovah when you are tired? yes or no
    How will this convention help you?

    or this:

    You Know Neither the Day Nor the Hour - Why?
    Why do you think Jehovah doesn’t tell us exactly when this system will end?
    What would you do if you knew this system would END…
    …in a hundred years?
    …in ten years?
    …in one year?
    …in one month?
    …in one week?
    When do YOU think this wicked system will end?
    Will you be happy when it ends?

    or this:

    When do you want to be baptized?
    How long do you want to belong to
    Have you made a dedication to Jehovah?
    Are you happy for the people who are
    being baptized today?
    Who is the oldest?
    Who is the youngest?
    How many were baptized?
    Did anyone have to go under the water
    more than once?
    Were there mostly boys or girls?
    Do you know any of them?

    or this:

    Symposium: Keep Your Eyes on the Things Unseen
    write the verses that prove each of these statements true
    The Ten Horns
    Will Hate the Harlot

    (the illustration shows the beast eating the woman who has fallen dead, by the way.)

  • dudeson

    It's almost like a test for parents to probe what their child is really thinking.

  • yknot


    I have printed out those notebooks since my daughter was very little.....(modifying much with tons of fun stuff like wordfinds, coloring sheets and other 'bible' games found in Sunday School/VBS). To keep them from blowing through too fast I ration out sections either per symposium (I hate that word) or talk.

    No parents who use theses are looking to find out what their kids thinks, it is purely a distraction to keep them quiet and occupied. I can't rave enough about the rave reviews on my children's behavior at the DC/Assemblies. Yes most kids just scribble, but again thinking back to when you were a kid and learning (forced) to take notes (a regimented and parental reviewed occurance in my home) would you have had a better time during the most boring parts of the DC/Assy or TMS/ WT Study if your mom had made up interesting kid notebooks!

    Do my kids have a clue what was said at these events most of the time.......NOT REALLY!, only the speakers names and title of the talk. From there I direct the 'message', 'tone' and 'context'. Rather then let the WTS pluck out scriptures randomly to apply to whatever suits their current fancy I have the older ones comment on the context of the scriptures cited. Sometimes I have them half-listen for scriptural citations and see how fast during the next talk they can organize the scripts alphabetically and order within the Bible. I try to work in math, spelling and grammar lessons too! All in all the days pass with less whines of boredom (which I passify with Nintendo DS)

    ..... on a naughty bad mommy note.... I also let them stay up uber late watching cable at the hotel and let them sleep at the DC/Assy too.....but come on I am sure many of you have memories of sleepytime at those events..... I even had a special nap-set for the DC!

    yknot...... in defense of doofy notebooks!

  • cab1000

    I wish my mommy and step-daddy would have had those for us, instead of the plain notebook paper they would give us, then take away as soon as we started drawing more than writing.

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