UK Mom Fined: "Grieving Too Long" at Son's Funeral

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  • sammielee24

    I think that living wills and preplanning are a last gift from one family member to another. My parents have done all of this and not only did it make us feel great that they were able to take control of their lives right up the point of death and rest, but it eliminated a lot of other stressors that come with the death of a loved one. The cost of a funeral can be horrendous and in recessionary times like now, reports come in all the time of an increase in bodies that are unclaimed. I believe the last one was from Chicago or somewhere - they had 70 bodies that need to go somewhere and half of those are unclaimed by anyone - the other half are left there by families that have no funds for burial or funerals. The States are now picking up the cost of those burials, up around 40% from last year. It's sad. sammieswife..

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    As for the US becoming a nanny state maybe immaturity requires constant monitoring and if we'd had a little of that nanny in our financial sector, we wouldn't be broke and 15 trillion in debt now.

    Where do you get that "we" stuff, I thought you were Canadian.

  • isaacaustin

    Deputy Dog, check your pm.

  • kurtbethel

    Is it so tough there that you can only afford an Apple ][ computer, and not a modern one with lowercase letters?

    You might find a Sinclair Spectrum at a car boot sale. I hear they are very popular these days and can also allow you to type lowercase.

  • BluesBrother
    Those sick bastards. This Nanny State crap in the UK is getting weirder and worse at it. That's just mean spirited. :mad:

    Come Come Yizuman...

    Please do not rush to judgement about us..

    BTW ..In the U K The Daily Mail is a tabloid that used to be a respectable paper , but now makes a point of printing sensational half truths with banner headlines to appeal to right wing readership. It is a bit of a joke among most liberal minded people and those who value accurate information.

    Now put that together with Foxnews, which we know all about over here via satellite....What a combination!

  • cantleave

    You guy who don't live in the UK and don't the Daily Mail, here's a summary. It is a sensationalist, poisonous rag which will distort the truth in order to coerse ity readers into believing something which isn't true - it's a bit like ............................The Watchtower.



    Apologies to whoever was so offended by the capitals, I shall try harder.

    It's not just me then, I used to quite enjoy the Daily Mail. Now I can barley look at it. What has happened to our Media?

    Oh and oh my, don't we all just love to believe it. It makes me wonder who it worse. The paper itself or the idiots who pay for it. Yes, very much like the watchtower. I agree 100%.

    I would however like to point out that not all UK media follow this pathetic route. I am at least very proud of some british Media, particularly the BBC.

  • nelly136

    nup its not just you lol

    funeral directors vicars and crematoriums are usually seperate entities

    the funeral directors takes care of the bodies and whatevr other arrangements you want

    the vicar is usually hired by the family (from whichever denomination or parish they come from)

    the crematorium just cremates it and provides the podium for whoevers vicar does the service in the time slot hired,

    all the above charge their own fee for the service they provide. whether the funeral directors gives you one big bill at the end and pays the others i'm not sure, but i know they all get paid (unless the vicar or whoever does the service as a freebie or mates rates then thats one less to pay)

    the communication mixup was probably started from whoever told her to take her time.

    there is usually a nice rememberance area where you can get together and admire the flowers before moving on to the wake, its customary to vacate to there before clearing off up the pub or to the wake or whatever,

    and newspapers do pay for a good story.

  • passwordprotected

    Having been to the funeral of a child - our own baby - I can say it's an incredibly arduous ordeal (stating the obvious...), but we found all of the staff at the crematorium to be very sensitive and kind.

    The muppets in this story need a boot up their backside.

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