WT Society Makes JW's Feel Bad about Themselves - No Self Worth

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  • flipper

    BOYZONE- It really is a wonder any of us are sane and living life more fully now ! But living guilt free - it's the best way to live ! Without guilt and fear imposed on us by the leaders of the WT society. I'm glad you are doing well my friend- I'm happy for you and you are so welcome !

    MIDGET SASQUATCH- You are welcome also ! I have really enjoyed everyone's comments on this thread also ! Lots of good points made.

    GAYLE- I'm so glad that you have raised your children with unconditional love and made them feel good about themselves ! Good job Mom ! Like yourself I was raised in the witness cult - and could never please my elder dad. I finally stopped in my late 30's realizing I had to find my self worth from within - nobody was gonna give it to me. And what I discovered is my self worth had been there all along ! I just had to discover it and tap into it to be a success in my own way.

    JAM- I feel the borg preyed on the nicer witnesses and treated them as " weak spiritually " - when truth be known the arrogant ones were the weak ones- they just didn't realize it. I'm a true believer that underneath every bully is an insecure jerk who offsets their own deficient behavior by beating up on others emotionally and physically at times. The world would be a better place without psychological bullies

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Wasnt it said in Rays Crisis of Conscience that the GB had said that "The friends cant be trusted on their own" and required the constant supervision and direction and threats to do what was required of them?

  • rocketman

    JWs are conditioned to believe that they need to be at meetings and in field service consistently and constantly so as to avoid falling into sinful conduct. They believe that, on their own, they are capable of little - especially in terms of understanding the Bible. They depend on the Organization for most, if not all, of their self-worth. They depend on the favorable opinion of elders. If the elders think they're doing well, then by george, they are. If the elders think they are lacking, they must be lacking.

  • flipper

    WUZLOVESDUBS- I believe it was Ted Jaracz who actually made that statement to the other GB members that , " the friends can't be trusted on their own. " If I remember correctly from the " Crisis " book. Sounds like a controlling bunch of old farts to me back there !

    ROCKETMAN- A good point you make that the witnesses depend on the organization to assess their own self worth. Really strange . Exactly right if the elders say you are alright then you must be- but if they say we aren't we must be messed up ! What a freaky way to assess oneself ! And very true - JW's are always told they will fall into sinful conduct if they stop meetings and service . That's how the WT society keeps them locked in fear

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