were you at Russels grave?

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  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein


    Anybody of you got the chance to visit Russels pyramid grave?

    Is it true it is at Freemasons cemetery?

    Was it always so?

    Is it public, or only freemasons are buried there?

    Just curious...


  • WuzLovesDubs

    Ive been there. I was attending a Witnesses Now For Jesus convention in PA at the time. His grave is under a headstone that has his picture on both sides of it...creepy pictures. A few yards away is a huge pyramid. About 6 feet tall...maybe a bit bigger. It has the cross and crown emblem and many markings that are definitely NOT what JWs believe in...even the pyramid itself is pagan. The pyramid is only a few yards away from the Masonic Headquarters building. I have read both ways that he was or he wasnt or he stole some ideas from them or whatever. In the long run...it doesnt really matter. My grandfather was a Freemason and my grandmother a member of the Eastern Star...the womens version of the Masons. There are pictures online of it. I dont know if my old post and pictures are available but I will look.

  • JWoods

    Me too. I did a two-week elders course back in about 1970 in Pittsburgh or so and it was on an optional bus tour for one weekend. Weird stuff.

    Schroeder and Davis were the instructors, they made a little speech before we went to just ignore some of the symbolical graphics. They also took us by a couple of the old buildings where he used to preach - one was I think a community center and another a church auxliary by then.

    The course was held in a kind of big super-kingdom-hall which somebody told me has now been sold and probably torn down for building sites.

    BTW, I believe there is a Freemason's lodge somewhere close around there, but as far as I know it was not a "solely Masonic" graveyard - if there is such a thing. Both my father and grandfather on his side were 32nd degree, my other grandfather the honorary 33rd degree, and all were buried like most Masons in a church or public graveyard of the family choice.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Google Earth. Go to the Street View cam at 240 Cemetery Ln, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

  • OnTheWayOut
    they made a little speech before we went to just ignore some of the symbolical graphics.

    Just ignore the man behind the curtain.

    They are such a cult. Cult. Cult. Cult. Follow one guy, then the next, then deny they ever followed anyone. "We have one leader, Christ, but make sure to obediently follow the lead of the anointed, well- the Governing Body part of the anointed.

  • cabasilas

    While you're at Google Earth, type in "Beth Sarim San Diego"

    The little W on top of the house in Google Earth will lead you to a Wikipedia article on Beth Sarim.

    You can also see the Judge in a picture in the backyard.

  • cabasilas

    make sure to obediently follow the lead of the anointed

    Remember, it says: "False Christs will arise and mislead many..." The Emphatic Diaglott translates that verse as: "False anointed ones will arise..."

  • JimmyPage

    Black Sheep: what a great idea about Google Earth! Not many dubs could refute that as a pic made up by apostates.

  • truthseeker

    Yes, here is a link to my pictures


    Does anyone know who made the pyramid? Do you think it's hollow inside?

  • RR

    I've been to the site several times. It should be noted that the ENTIRE cemetary use to be farm land, that was owned by Charles Tayes Russell ... C.T.'s uncle. Russell partition it and incorporated the United Cemetary. This was to be a cemetary for those who worked at the "Bible House." Several old time Bible Students are buried there, including Russell's sister. THere is no evidence that Russell requested a pyramid be erected on the premises. It seems to have been the work of Judge Rutherford. The pyramid was erected sometime in 1919, and according to the 1919 Convention Report, inside it contained a box of one of everything Russell wrote, including photos and personal belongings. In the early 1990s, apparently during research for the "Proclaimers" book, researchers learned of the time capsuale and actually removed one of the walls of the pyramid only to find it empty. The Bible Students, NOT the Watchtower had to restore it. There is a large masonic temple, but if you've ever been there you will see that it is fairly new construction and not affiliated with the cemetary, it's across the road. In fact where the temple is, use to be the farmhouse. Hope this helps! RR

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