Jesus Saves From What? March 2015 Watchtower Article

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  • Perry

    Village Idiot:

    I have found the following websites to generally have sound biblical answers to a lot of questions.

    Christian Think Tank



    This thread is mostly about what Jesus saves us from, contrasting a WT view with an historical Christian view.

  • Viviane
    This thread is mostly about what Jesus saves us from, contrasting a WT view with an historical Christian view.

    Jesus is saving us from his own threat to torture-murder us all unless we love him.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Perry, I hope you can feel the caring concern here- Several pages of people trying to wake you up. I am confident that we are not here just to pick a fight with you, but to help you.
    Your posted video on page 4 should really help in that goal. Your own beliefs show that your God doesn't care in the least what people do that is good, but that they must "believe" something dogmatically or they are bad. So your own belief system condemns at least 2/3rds of all children because they are born into non-Christian beliefs. Chinese and Indian children are "bad."

    However aside from all this, vs. 18 makes it clear exactly what Jesus saves us from. And, it is not from being destroyed at Armageddon. Jesus saves us from being officially condemned at judgment after we die.

    Now, here is my attempt to wake you up. NO, PERRY. Jehovah's Witnesses claim that their message is clear from the Bible and you are no different. The Bible is not "clear exactly" in anything. The form of Christianity you live is no more clear than the form of Christianity that Ethiopians live or that American Baptists or Roman Catholics live.

    You are told a completely different set of values/rules/doctrines than the one you left, but ones that are just as rigid and that tug at your emotions in similar ways. You have traded "Believe or Jehovah will destroy you at Armageddon" for the new declaration: "Accept Jesus a certain way or be judged and condemned." (Pick on "condemned" all you want. I just don't know the specifics of your religion, whether people are eternally destroyed or suffer in hellfire for eternity or what, but it doesn't really matter.)

    It literally is as already posted here:

  • _Morpheus

    I think people who are christian would argue that jesus isnt saying 'believe in me or i will condem you". They would argue that we are already condemned and jesus is offering to save...

    the problem is the original condemnation comes from the person jesus is claiming to save us from, either himself or his father, depending on your brand of christianity. Its all so obtuse, that we are condemed for something we didnt do (adam and eves sin) and that sin from thousands of years ago means we deserve to die unless another guy dies and makes it ok. So because the other guy died the sky daddy can 'forgive us' but couldnt just forgive us because we didnt do anything wrong in the first place.....

    Btw the WT article that prompted this thread was a misprint. A letter to the BoE says it should read "jesus shaves!"

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