Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy with the WT teachings

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  • gubberningbody

    The simple truth is that the WTBS is BS...and the koolaid they serve is a powerful hallucinogenic

  • Lieu

    That's because its taken out of context. Read the entire chapter and regain your sanity.

  • verystupid77

    Thanks Mrs Fiorini where you said

    they never accept responsibility. Their first response to a problem, complaint, etc. is to blame the one who is pointing out the problem. A legitimate organization would want to hear about any errors in judgement, problems, etc. so they could correct them before it turned into a real issue. Instead, the WT and their representatives, whether they're elders, CO's DO's, etc. will, with few execeptions, blame the victim first. I believe this is so because it allows them to not have to question the system or threaten the power structure. It results in the people at the bottom always having to bear the brunt of the mistakes.

    You could not have hit the nail on the head anymore. The CO just did this to me. He said I needed to take take responsibility for my part in being up set because child molesters were holding children. I would not do it and would not back down, he did not let up and I did not let up. He finally caved. I was so hurt and angry that they could even expect me to take any blame for it. It was interesting really I was almost yelling and he was toe to toe with me but I would not give in and he either had to back down or leave and so he did back down. I do feel good about that it was a small victory. How crazy was it this pedophile was holding children for four years in our hall and the CO responce was well he did stop. Yeh only because I finally found out he was a child molester and through a fit other wise he would still be holding children. Because of course he did not do the crime even though he was in jail.

    You are so right they blamed me because I was pointing out a problem baby rapists holding children and they were mad. And you are right this is not a legitimate organization because they will not correct the problem,.

    Thanks everyone for you inputs. vs77

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