Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy with the WT teachings

by verystupid77 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • WTWizard

    It's all a scam about God loving you. God wants to make you think that so you will not look at the adverse effects of His tyranny, but will think it will work out in the long run. (It never does.)

  • musky

    If you want to continue being a witness, You should consider bad judgment by elders to be an exercise in patience, and trust that Jehovah will eventually clear things up in his own way and time. The fact that an appeal can be made about judgments shows that some amount of fairness is attempted. Nothing is ever perfect though.Life is never fair all the time. But if you believe that the basic teachings are wrong, then leave.

    Mouthy got it right when she called you VERYSMART

  • flipper

    VERY STUPID- You and my wife and I talk all the time. Since you are feeling at times like your mind is scrambled and none of it makes sense- now might be a good time to help your mind to calm down by reading " Crisis of Conscience " by Franz as the one poster said, or " Releasing the Bonds" by Steve Hassan . After the C.O/s visit I highly recommend you NOT go to anymore meetings because it will confuse you and cause you severe tension and depression as your authentic personality sees all the unjust treatment and hate being shown. This is not good for you psychologically and does nothing to help you move forward in a positive way after the witnesses.

    Musky stated " you should consider bad judgment by the elders to be an exercise in patience , and trust that Jehovah will eventually clear things up in his own way and time. " Yeah, right. And I should set my foot on fire to see if fire is actually a myth or will my skin actually burn up !!

    First off like Mouthy said - The elders ARE NOT appointed by holy spirit . They got their positions by playing political games and cozying up to the right " power elders " who were their good friends. The counsel they are giving you is their own human counsel- not God's. And secondly - Jehovah will NOT clear things up - because it's NOT his organization. Not only are the teachings wrong - but HOW they treat their " cult mind controlled " victims is also wrong, immoral, and criminal. Please avoid inflicting pain on yourself anymore and STOP ATTENDING . You have already found in your experience that you are happier when you don't attend. Why keep hurting yourself ? Feel free to call if you'd like . We will have our phone with us

  • verystupid77

    Thanks Dacheech where you said

    example: you're in a room with a 100 people, and you're the only one hearing a fly..... you start swatting around or asking others.... they look at you funny

    and say "there is no fly, relax" because they've been brainwashed to ignore the flies.

    That is the best example that I have heard. It is so true.

    Also thanks mouthy. Thanks so much for your concern.

    And Flipper, I am going to stop going after this Oh my word do they do a mind trip on you, part of it is all the other ones there just soaking it all up. I mean there was about a 100 people there are just nodding away in a brain dead state. It makes you feel so crazy. Like why am I the only one who can see this is all crap. I will try to call latter. vs77

  • musky

    "Yeah, right. And I should set my foot on fire to see if fire is actually a myth or will my skin actually burn up !! "

    Hi Flipper, The point I was trying to make was that if Verystupid (smart) continues to go to meetings, then we need to play by their rules and accept what they teach. Otherwise, It will tear us up if we keep going and constantly fight in our minds that it's wrong. I am not at the point in my life where I will tell someone to not go, or that the teachings are all wrong. Just because that is the conclusion I came to ,doesn't mean others will do the same and I respect that. I have been wrong before about a lot of things, so I don't try to judge others.

  • AllTimeJeff
    I do not know but I just feel like I am going crazy. It just does not add up. It is like it scrambles my mind and I just cannot get a clear thought to from for hours after listening to this. I am like so OK if the discipline that is given is done wrongly, given in anger. If we are say disfellowshipped unjustly we still need to accept it because Jehovah has allowed it and Jehovah wants us to learn from it because Jehovah see a weakness in us.

    Right, and certainly if god exists, he created our heart, but also our mind. We need both to be clear for us as the individual to be at peace.

    Rather then take anyone's word for it as to an alternative "truth" that exists out there, why not free your mind and heart, and discover you instead? Being a JW means that you were indoctrinated to see yourself, your self esteem and self worth through the eyes of the Governing Body. To the extent you knuckled under and took it, you were a better JW then others. Thats the whole point to JW "discipline" and disfellowshipping. It's an absolutel control mechanism, and it has nothing to do with anything biblical or loving.

    More and more, those that have made a physical exit (not attending meetings for months at a time) haven't made a positive mental and emotional exit. To me, the best way to do that is to educate yourself. READ.

    It isn't any of my business to tell you what you should believe. But it seems we all need to believe in something. That doesn't have to be god btw, but its impossible to learn this if we only limit what we look at to organized religion.

    Shooting down JW dogma is easy. Learning about ourselves and our individuality is hard.

    I hope that you realize that your "Craziness" is nothing more then your bullshit meter redlining. "You" are trying to tell you something. Follow that voice.

    I wish you the best in this journey.

  • BonaFide

    I am at the assembly, well, part of it, this weekend, and wow, the talk on the last days was so ridiculous. But at lunch I brought up a couple of things, like the fact that the 1914 generation is no more, and someone said, "Hey Bonafide, what have you been reading? The Internet?"

    You are not alone.


  • flipper

    MUSKY- I understand what you are saying " IF " Very Smart continued going to meetings. She is a close personal friend of my wife and I , talk on the phone often, and she HASN'T attended meetings for 5 months- and she doesn't believe it's " the truth ". I would agree with you if she DID believe it- but she doesn't. So she is not obligated to " play by their rules and accept what they teach. " Hell- The elders break their own rules by giving her awful counsel based on their own opinions, not the WT societies or God's counsel .

    You made the statement " I am not at the point in my life where I will tell someone to not go, or that the teachings are all wrong. " Well my friend - I AM at that point in my life as I have researched things and been through enough heartaches and injustices that I WILL recommend our friend avoid the prison of mind control. So yes, I am at a different point in life than you. But I understand your position as well. It's all good

  • palmtree67

    verystupid77 -

    It makes me so sad to read what you are going through. I havent' been to a meeting in 9 months. And I feel better and better every day.

    I am thinking of you, have my e-mail.

  • Mrs. Fiorini
    Mrs. Fiorini

    Something I noticed about the WT and those who implement their policies is that they never accept responsibility. Their first response to a problem, complaint, etc. is to blame the one who is pointing out the problem. A legitimate organization would want to hear about any errors in judgement, problems, etc. so they could correct them before it turned into a real issue. Instead, the WT and their representatives, whether they're elders, CO's DO's, etc. will, with few execeptions, blame the victim first. I believe this is so because it allows them to not have to question the system or threaten the power structure. It results in the people at the bottom always having to bear the brunt of the mistakes.

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