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  • WuzLovesDubs

    Im reaaaaallly tired of the JWs, particularly those in my life, sneering at people, especially exjws, smirking cockily and laughing their derisive laughs because they think they are the fucking END ALL. Just sick to the point that I am SICK from it all.

    My estranged husband is still a JW and in the advent of my moving out of his house, he has become a RABID JW. His mother who is an EX like me, and who is shunned by him and his sister and her family, is married to an Elder. The Elder is in cahoots with her two, now THREE, adult JW children against her and reports everything she does and says to THEM. They have a Downs sister who lives with their mother still...and in an effort to be reinstated a few years ago mother allowed J to be baptized even though she couldnt answer ANY of the questions...the elders allowed this Downs child to be baptized anyway. And so now that my mother in law is out of the JWs and sees what a huge mistake that was, she is trying to get her daughter away from it. The Elder husband sneaks the daughter to meetings. Sneaks her to conventions... and they all laugh that my mother in law cant do a damn thing to stop any of it. In fact during the last circuit assembly this girl was forbidden to go and the elder husband snuck her out of the house before her mother got up that morning. He keeps telling this retarded child that Jehovah is going to make her normal in the new system if she is loyal to him and she will be able to get married and have children...something she dearly dearly wants more than anything else. And she is willing to defy her mother to do it.

    That same Downs sister in law likes to text everybody. She texts me often. She said today regarding my husband, her brother, "I love my brother. He is helping me." I said..."He is helping you do what?" and she replied after five minutes...."WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW???? NO COMMENT PLEASE!" And I said "Huh? You just TOLD me he is helping you." ...no reply.... I said "He must be helping you with something about the Jehovahs Witnesses isnt he." ....no reply.... and nothing since that time three hours ago so she slipped and told me something she shouldnt have. I sent the text messages to my mother in law. If something is up, she needs to know about it.

    My husband has said this week that he is flying back up to Illinois for a "business trip" and I bet you any money he is finding a way to get that girl to the district convention behind her mothers back. Mom is watching the elder husband but she WONT be expecting my husband. I dont trust any of them as far as I can throw them.

    Since i have been around this cult, I have seen them lie in court, lie to teachers, lie to outsiders, steal children from homes and take them underground, take kids to meetings against their parents wills, divert attention of householders at the front door and take their kids out the back. I have seen them take their children out of hospitals risking their lives, to keep them from getting blood transfusions...ALL supported by the Watchtower Society.

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over this shit.

  • flipper

    That makes two of us. Sorry you are going through this. Hang in there. Peaceout, Mr. Flipper

  • truthsetsonefree

    Sorry to hear of your pain. They are the most under handed people I know. They are trained to be that way. Don't ever let your guard down around them.

  • SallySue

    You got that correct!!!!! SNEAKY & UNDERHANDED

  • WTWizard

    Trying to get a mentally retarded person baptized without understanding what they are in for is a recipe for trouble. Next thing you know, they will be disfellowshipping (or threatening to) this person for something they did not know was wrong or understand what was going on.

    And, suppose the retarded (and now baptized) witless does break one of the rules. What is the caregiver to do now?

  • fokyc

    I have posted here so many times:

    "JW's, but particularly elders are the most proficient and capable liars on this earth."

    Why, I have yet to work out, nothing in their literature really supports lying; in fact,

    their book "Live With Jehovah's Day in Mind" available here:


    tells them not to lie,

    The same message is in the June 2009 Watchtower article page 16 "Speak Truth With Your Neighbour".

    Why they still lie with such panache is beyond my understanding.


  • mraimondi


    Witness are SNEAKY and UNDERHANDED!"

    generalized and disingenuous.

    I have met alot of witnesses in my life, and only one i can think of was truly underhanded. The rest were misguided, zealous for the wrong thing, etc, but they all had different traits and circumstances.

  • mraimondi


    WTF a person that cant answer the questions still gets baptized?

  • Quandry

    Dear wuz,

    Why is your mother in law so dead set against her daughter going to meetings? She can't really understand everything. I am pretty sure they will treat her well.

    Your mom in law needs a break, and could use the meetings as her alone time, which I am sure she needs, as her daughter must need alot of attention when she's at home.

    I'll bet if your mom in law didn't protest so much, her husband wouldn't be so determined to take her to meetings. He probably does it in part to "show" your mil "who's boss."

  • shamus100


    It's obvious she's just venting.

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