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  • fokyc


    only one i can think of was truly underhanded

    You have been very fortunate then!


  • WuzLovesDubs

    My MIL was a JW for a couple of decades. They are teaching her retarded child that her MOTHER is worshipping SATAN and is to be feared because she will take "try to take her away from Jehovah". They teach her that she does NOT have to listen to her mother. That its ok to sneak out to do what Jehovah wants of her.

    And no it doesnt matter if she is adamant or layed back about it or tries to compromise...the JWs still do whatever they want to and dont give a flying F what she thinks. And its HER kid not HIS.

    Im not just venting either...this is all for real. And their literature DOES tell them to lie. Look up the brochure about Child Custody that they put out. It tells them exactly what to SAY when they lie as well.

  • Earnest
    He keeps telling this retarded child that Jehovah is going to make her normal in the new system if she is loyal to him and she will be able to get married and have children...something she dearly dearly wants more than anything else.

    Maybe he believes it. Didn't you?

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Not at the expense of shunning and disobeying parents and regarding them as satans minions.

  • JWdaughter

    There obviously is a huge struggle for control going on in that house-and the only one it is really going to hurt is the woman who is mentally disabled. For her safety and security, they need to get their act together. Telling a person with the maturity of a child to go against either parent, to defy, to be sneaky, to lie etc. . .recipe for a disaster and totally setting up that child to be abused by a third party taking advantage of the discord in the home. I hope they get their act together.

  • fokyc

    WuzLovesDubs says:

    And their literature DOES tell them to lie. Look up the brochure about Child Custody...

    OK so here is the brochure and some extra info.:


    Happy reading,


  • reniaa

    This sounds like nothing to do with Jws but people using a disabled person to hurt each other. I agree with the poster to let the disbled girl goto meetings and assemblies so your mum-in-law gets a break.

    I must say if you are against the sneakiness telling tales on your disabled sister and sending her personal texts she sent to you to your mum-in-law is just feeding the situation. if you want this all open and honest you should be bringing them all together to make agreements and not buying into it all yourself.


  • WuzLovesDubs

    Shes not "disabled". She works at McDonalds. She is Downs. And her mother doesnt "need a break" from her as she takes care of herself. If someone is trying to sneak her out of the house to go to meetings which she is NOT allowed to go to against the will of her own mother, yes I WILL be telling her mother about it. NOT telling her mother is to aid and abett the JWs sneaking her out of the house and I am not going to allow that knowing how her mother feels about it. Not any more than I would allow her to go to KKK meetings which in my opinion are just as hateful and Godless as JW meetings are short of burning crosses.


    Jehovah`s Witness`s are notorious for disrespecting the wish`s of others,concerning thier Cult..................OUTLAW

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