im a jehovahs witness i dont gossip !!!!!!

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  • donny

    I have never heard as much gossip as I did during my tenure in the Watchtower. "Spiritually strong" folks, usually sisters, were often talking about the weird and strange behavior of those who were not part of the clique. One Saturday I was working in the sound booth to replace the sound board and a group of sisters came in to clean the hall. I was going to hide and pop out and scare them, but about two minutes after arriving they began talking about my then-wife and how materialistic she seemed to be and how cold she was to talk to. They went on critisizing her for another couple of minutes and then went on to other easy targets.

    One thing that really disturbed me was listening to them complain about having to work in the service with sister Becker because she had Parkinsons disease and was always shaking.


  • The Berean
    The Berean

    The entire structure of Jehovah's Witnesses is built around the concept of gosssiping concerning private events which allegedly occur within the entire family of mankind. Nearly all sermons begin with revealing that religions, individuals, governments, or nations are somehow guilty of something! Since gossip by definition may be true or merely speculation ... few, if any, are held accountable for their hearsay comments.

    Therefore, it should come as little surprise that telling tales amoung the congregation is commonplace. It is one of their few acceptable dirty pleasures. Elders often take the lead in dispensing such clap-trap, either blatantly in the library under the name of "protecting the congregation" or cleverly with a seeming slip of the tongue to wives and innocent associates.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are actually a powerless organization which twists words to create sensationalism and fear. Anything goes!

  • mrsjones5

    I've been the subject of gossip a few times that I know of that has reached my ears, the last time was kinda funny. I was talking to a jw and he told me that we really shouldn't be talking because I'm df'd. I told him I'm not df'd, I've never been baptised and who did he hear that from? He wouldn't give up the person but I have a pretty good idea who said it to him (his mother, a jw). I do wonder if she made it up or if someone else buzzed in her ear (her best friend is my aunt, a jw).


  • MidwichCuckoo

    I've been the subject of gossip a few times that I know of that has reached my ears

    You've reminded me, MrsJones - me too. The elders approached me officially accusing me (incorrectly) of wrongdoing because a 'sister' (who I never mixed with) had reported me. I later (accidently) found out who she was. I have no idea why she made up stupid allegations - and I have no idea why the elders would act on silly rumour.

    I've heard JWs criticise 'Worldly' people for such things as fornication and adultery, and have responded, ''well Sister so-and-so (or whatever) is guilty of the same''...BUT ''sister so-and-so is sorry''...''How do you know that 'Worldly' person doesn't regret their sin?''.

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