im a jehovahs witness i dont gossip !!!!!!

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  • looloo

    that is one saying that really got on my bloody nerves , and the strange thing was it was usually the biggest gossips i have ever known in real life and j dub land that came out with that line ! they insist they do not gossip but in my workplace where 90 % of workforce were witnesses it was no different to any other place of work i have been in for gossip , i even remember thinking how nasty they were for calling a member of the congregation "shrek" what fine fruit i thought to myself ! did any of you know a "gossip" story ? ( i never get to know any cong gossip now i have cut ties , or to be more precise had the ties cut for me !)

  • shamus100


    It was rampant, and worse than anything I have ever seen after leaving the dubs. But really, there is nothing left to talk about than each other after the meetings - what are you going to talk about, how good the watchtower study was?

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Our congrregation was reprimanded sooo many times for being huge gossips . You are right the ones that were guilty of it were the first to deny there was a problem . I'll never forget one night at book study a pioneer sister that was known to talk about people behind their backs made the comment "Well since I am a pioneer and am out with the publishers everyday I can say WE do not have a gossiping problem in the congregation " I literally started choking and laughing thinking she HAD to be kidding ....most everyone else had the head bobbing action with blank stare going on . OH yes arn't we wonderful ......blah

  • mindmelda

    There's an old saying..."Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about material things,small people talk about other people."

    It's describing the evolution of people's consciousness as they mature, as we move from self-interest to interest in the world around us, to an interest in comprehension and ideas.

    Some people never do evolve in their thinking, apparently.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    LOL! The only good thing about going out in service with pioneers was catching up on the guilty as I felt about hearing it, I wanted to be in the know! Shame on me!

  • KDubbz

    LOL I totally agree with you. When I used to go to meetings as a teenager, I'd always hear some pioneer sisters and even some brothers talking about those spiritually weak ones and their wrongdoings outside of the KH. I once approached them and asked them why were they gossiping. They said they weren't gossiping, they were just expressing their concerns about them. I was thinking "Yeah right! They sounded pretty negative. IF they were really concerned, they would have done something about those spiritually weak ones." I wasn't too surprised when they gossiped about me since I was never bapitized and was always a freethinker in the congregation.

  • mrsjones5

    I don't gossip...really I don't. If someone tells me something about another person or is inclined to tell me their personal business, I don't encourage more information or prompt and I don't repeat what was said to anyone else (except when talking to hubby who is very discreet). This is a habit my mother hates. She would always try to pump me for information if she knew I had spoken to someone she was interested about. On the flipside, my mother is very happy to let loose and gossip about anyone and everyone (yep myself included).

    Josie ~ feels her ears burning now

  • crapola

    I used to have a really good friend and she was the biggest gossip in the world. But we really had some good visits! I guess I was a big gossip to though.

  • blondie

    Yes, for a gossiper to exist and continue there has to be someone who listens. No listeners, almos no gossip.

  • chickpea

    same soup, different congro...

    how else does a newcomer find
    out about a congro member's
    history of DF'ing unless someone
    clues them in thru gossip....

    i actually brought up a point
    from a sermon i had heard
    as a CHILD at catholic mass
    about gossiping.... an illustration
    about a priest giving a woman
    penance for gossiping

    she was to go on a roof on a windy
    day and unzip a feather pillow to
    release the feathers and then
    proceed to collect the scattered
    feathers carried far and wide by the wind.....

    that was a life lesson for me and
    it has kept me from being a gossip
    and prompted me to shut down the
    tongue waggers.....

    even said to an
    elders wife over coffee in her home
    when she was being inappropriate
    " well i sure hope the people talking
    about us this morning are being
    more charitable"...

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