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  • Pistoff

    Yes, from the CO.

    We were working door to door, he asked me how long I had been in the truth; I replied, all my life. He said, "Are you keeping your hours down just so you won't be appointed an elder?" I said, no; I didn't go into raising small children, being in recovery, the snake pit of an elder body we had, I just said No.

    He then says: "Because if you are, you might as well just wash it up right now, that is not being whole souled".

    I just nodded.

    This particular CO was really the worst piece of human flesh to come down the pike. He helped an MS in our hall get rid of his wife by agreeing that she was not worth keeping, actually saying "I had one just like her once". He then arranged for the ENTIRE body to be removed to cover his tracks and his statements.

    He told one congregation in our circuit that just because your husband slaps you up, that doesn't mean you should go running to the elders.

    He told me and another witness that we had to take the DO's statements with a grain of salt, he had been sick lately. (He had been raked over the coals by the DO for his statements, and evidently wanted to impeach him in our view).

    He really was just the WORST.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Once, the presiding overseer in our cong met with all the baptized brothers after the meeting. He basically chastised us because many of us weren't doing enough to qualify as servants. He then brought up all the spiritually strong sisters, who were putting in a lot of hours in the ministry. He said our lack of activity was a slap in the face to them, because they couldn't be used in such a capacity. Their sexist, archaic views on gender were our fault, I guess.

  • wobble


    We had a similar situation in our Congo. about 15 years ago, mainly lack of young men willing to do microphones, and assist in mag. dept etc.

    the elders let it be known that they would use sisters in these capacities if the roles were not filled. I think the C.O got wind of this and persuaded them to lower their standards for who did these jobs, so a male who had just come in off the street coz. he thought he was somewhere else was impressed into service, so they didn't have to use sisters who had served for years and were more spiritual than the whole body of Elders put together. ( slight exagerration there)

    But what a total farce ! I should have woken up years ago, a guy came along to one meeting, and said he would not come again , as

    " the whole thing is very very SILLY "

    Was that guy perceptive !



  • loosie

    I was 5 when I was told that I would die at armageddon if I didn't stop talking to my Df'd 20 yr old brother.

  • Robdar

    I was told by my parents that if I didn't straighten up and return to the KH, they would shun me and my son, their first grandbaby. I knew that was nonsense since they were quite taken with their first grandchild. The shunning lasted all of 2 weeks.

  • flipper

    VIKESGIRL 101 - I'm sorry you are going through this. It is hurtful to be sure. My older JW siblings ( older brother and sister ) told me that my not attending meetings these last 6 years is hurting my older witness parents ( in their 80's ) very badly. They told me it was awful that I break my elderly parents heart by not going to meetings.

    Strangely enough - although my older ex-Bethel brother and ex-Gilead sister don't have much to do with Mrs. Flipper and me - my witness dad and mom LOVE Mrs. Flipper and talk to us all the time on the phone ! So certain family members may be " dishonestly " telling you that others are upset just to stir up a hornet's nest of un needed resentment. At least I see that in my family

  • mrsjones5

    One year (I think I was about 24 or 25) I happened to be in my parents' hometown at an aunt's house (jws) with my mother. My aunts and mother were talking about the clothes that were purchased for the kids for the memorial. I had already told my mother that I would not be attending the memorial which she was quite upset about, so my mother precedes to say in a loud voice "What are you going to wear to the Memoria, Josette?" I replyed in an even voice which by chance no one else heard but my mother, "I told you, I am not attending the memorial." I don't recalled my mother ever asking again, though she has memtioned it a few times after.


  • flipper

    Just wanted to bump this thread up

  • vikesgirl101

    Flipper: Thank you so much for your support! Actually everybody's story on hear has been just amazing. I am so happy to be leaving the org. I really am. Infact, I am thinking of going ahead, and writing my letter. It's been over a year for me since I have been associated with them. I want them to know that I REJECT THEM. I thought about it awhile. If they can announce to an entire congregation that they can disown a person, shouldn't I be able to put it in the local paper?

    NOTICE: vikesgirl101 would like to announce that she is no longer associated with the JW organization. Pie and coffee will be served following the ceremony at the local VFW on July 4th after the parade.


    Actually I am so happy now. My life has never been better. My blood family is just that, blood. They are not a family. I have made my own. I am so thankful for this forum. You guys are great! Hearing your stories makes me even happier about my decision.

  • happpyexjw

    Sometimes the self-righteousness is really hard to stomach. My ex-sister in law wrote me a letter on my wedding day telling me that I had deeply hurt my entire family. They could forgive my "adultery" (getting married again) but not my turning my back on Jehovah. Her husband was one of the elders who chastised us for having our DF'd daughter's photo on display in our home. Nice folks.

    My new hubbby asked me for the address of the body of elders where the SIL lived and he wrote them a letter in which he pointed out how un-Christian her actions were and quoting scriptures from Paul's letters. He sent along a copy of her poison pen letter for them to see. They actually wrote him back and commended his desire to defend me, but also justifying her actions as being motivated by her "love for me." It's hard to believe I lasted 30 years with this org. Freedom is sweet and worth it, no matter the cost.

    I love my husband, I think I'll keep him for another 100 years!

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