lonliness and the very real temptation

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Welcome from Australia branch Mate...

  • snowbird

    Oh, one other thing. You said:

    I love God with all my heart.

    So do I and others on this forum.

    You can draw close to Him without going to any building, you know.

    Just a thought.


  • insearchoftruth
    You can draw close to Him without going to any building, you know.

    A relationship with God is meant to be personal, one should not need any men (or women for that matter) at all to tell them how and what that relationship should be. The church is not a building or an organization and God is not defined by a church or an organization...God transcends all of that. Don't let anyone tell you what God is, that is something that one should discover on one's own.....

    If an organization says that they are the only way to know God, be very aware.....

  • trebor

    Welcome, ryan12.

    "I never believed in the trinity even as a child and the resurrection always made sense to me even as a child. I believe in one God, God. One not three. So there is some common ground with the witnesses."

    You also have something in common with other religions such as Christadelphians and House of Yahweh.


    They believe the same as you and the Jehovah's Witnesses.


  • insearchoftruth
    You also have something in common with other religions such as Christadelphians and House of Yahweh.

    As well as the biblical Unitarians...(and Judiasm!)

  • Jim_TX

    "...About a 4 month book study with the Paradise book...."

    The Paradise Book was used to study - in 1984??? What country are you in? Here in the U.S. they discontinued using that book for J.W. bible studies in the mid to late 60's.

    I remember that they introduced a new book... the 'Truth' book - that was used for the '6 month' bible studies - and they replaced that with a newer version of book later - I left before 1984 - so do not know what they were using in 1984 - at least here in the U.S.

    Hang in there. Loneliness is something that you can fight - if you occupy yourself with other things and activities.


    Jim TX

  • trebor

    Hey Jim,

    I think he is referring to "You Can Live Forever In A Paradise On Earth" book.


  • Diva

    Welcome Ryan.

  • palmtree67

    Yes, this is all true.

    Even though they quote from Matthew where Jesus says that if you give up family for his sake, you will gain even more.....

    Even though they talk alot about "love among ourselves"....

    Even though they know a requirement for Christians is the showing of hospitality.....

    None of this is practiced on any kind of consistant level.

  • ryan12

    I am referring to You can live forever in paradise on earth, the red book.

    It's confusing as they are so warm. I didn't even think about what kind of fellowship activities they do. Now that I think about it they don't do anything outside of meetings and of course the door knocking. Maybe once your 'in' they have their own at home get togethers, maybe not.

    I know any church is only a building and I don't have to belong to any church but for me, I know worship and fellowship is needed and important.

    I don't drink, do drugs, am not into watching sports, and just want to be around Christian people and make friends. I'm not into going to movies or much of anything and I don't hang with people who are into drugs, drink, live with another or are sexual with another without being married and all the rest. So I'm kinda boring by most people's standards. I refuse to compromise what I know is right just to have friends.

    Thanks for the welcomes and input.

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