Long time reader.....first time poster

by JWinprotest 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • snowbird

    I so agree, Mouthy!

    I did it to mine, and I get a hollow feeling whenever the beginning of school and holidays come around.


  • amiworldlnow

    You know it so interesting to me , how we all find oursleves in the same boat. Like many, i don't give public talks anymore, my wife is is Pioneer, and even she gets fustrated many times, because you have elder's wives that want to run everything. As for as me i would sit back during elders meetings, (we had two congo. meeting at the same hall) and i would say is this it. Where is the Holy Spirit, there was so much arguing, and each PO, wanted his way. it really made me start thinking, I searched for comfort and found it here. I do thank all you for helping me stay sane. I just too started posting, I just couln't hold in any longer.

  • mouthy

    do thank all you for helping me stay sane. I just too started posting, I just couln't hold in any longer.

    Lovely to have you join us. Birds of a feather flock to gether (((((HUGS to you & the missus

  • JWinprotest

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. That's why I wrote in, because I quickly noticed the amount of support many received on this forum.You know when my second daughter was born, out of 110 publishers, we got 2 phone calls the entire 2 weeks that we were missing to find out if everyone was ok. I'll bet if I were new or studying the entire congregation would have organized a rotation of sisters providing meals and house cleaning services. Boy this feels good......looking forward to spewing out more soon. Although a part of me is worried someone reading may recognize who I am.

  • snowbird

    A welcome to you also, AM.

    I saw not the Spirit of love, peace, and goodwill, but a spirit of strife, envy, and malice at the KH.

    You are among kin here.


  • sacolton

    No one ... and I mean NO ONE ... walks away from this cult unscathed. Good luck!

  • ThomasCovenant


    Thanks very much for posting.

    As regards fearing anyone recognizing you, how could they when your story is so similar to tens of thousands of other JW's and ex JW's.

    Thomas Covenant

  • rebel8
    The problem is that my wife and her mom have this incredible bond, they are almost like best friends, and she told me she does not want to jeopardize that.

    Someone who metes out friendship only when you meet her demand to live a lie is not the kind of person I'd want to be friends with.

  • sacolton

    That "best friend" relationship is conditional and superficial.

  • oompa

    Well Howdey Jwprotester!......you may be surprised if it is handled properly.....you wife and mom may still be close if you guys quit......you may not to da...after a time the elders may leave you alone totally....even with the holidays and b-days.......esp if you move a bit.........good luck.........oompa

    and ya.....this is a support site...NOT an apostate site.....

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