why are some ex jws not at all interested in this site despite not believing anymore

by looloo 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • hamsterbait

    It depends on how much you invested in the religion and how deeply you believed in it and how much it affected your personality.

    After all many people give up careers they worked hard for without a backward glance.

    Some just come to view it as another religion not to be believed in.

    Some people get over things more quickly than others.

    I think that continueing to come here, long after you have "left the WT building" is a sign that you are not yet healed, and have issues you need to discuss and think about.

    Once you have had therapy, and have successfully dealt with your problem, you don't keep paying to go for more.

    I think a good indicator of healing is that the frequency of posting declines, and the posts get shorter.

    Also as issues are revived by newer posters, you don't feel the need to repeat yourself.

    Some continue to come here because they find online friends and support. others because they want to be there for newbies that need help.

    I think in many cases just drawing a line under something and saying IT IS OVER is a great way of getting on with life if you can.


  • rebel8

    It was not a significant part of their lives to begin with, hence no desire to discuss it.

  • mouthy

    My daughter ( susieq) who posted a couple of times on JWD isnt interested anymore
    She thinks I should also move on,,, away from anything to do with the WT memories.
    I was d/f in 1987 ,she has never been d/f. She is a Deacon in the Prespertyrian
    Church( spelt wrong)
    she laughs when I tell her "Hey the kids the WT stole from me ,have been replaced by those on JWN"
    I feel as if that were so.... Just like old Job.... LOL ,instead of being called Job. some on here call me
    SOB ,I am sure LOL

    Son of a b...ch

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    There's only so much one can say about this experience. After a few thousand posts, the bitterness and anger have been purged and the wound begins to heal.

    You stick around because of friends made online but after most of them wander off you find your interest fading as well.

    Others put the experience, which includes this site and people included, behind them as if they closed a door. It's a healthy part of life.


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