WANTED: A Hearing, Seeing, Walking Man Older Than 82 For Mouthy

by minimus 48 Replies latest jw friends

  • hamsterbait

    Mouthy is so young and perky we need to find her a Good Clean Young Christian Toyboy who will marry her and make her life an earthly Paradise!


  • mouthy

    Toyboy ???? Yes I found one of those 20 years ago,at PA convention.
    an absolute darling ,came from New York. Never been a JW
    Not a Christian...drove me all the way home to Canada,met my family
    I adored him....BUT!!! because he was a gentleman, ( no funny buisness)folks said he was gay...
    I asked him & his reply was NO!!! then someone told me to put his e-mail in
    google.... I did!!! YIKES!!!! He WAS gay... Was on there with all the lovers ...
    Oh well thats Me "SUCKER" taken in by the WT, by a wonderful Gay guy!
    by the Coonyites,No I dont want to play any more minimus. ,Stop Looking please

  • asilentone

    try www.hotornot.com You might want to disable the rating feature. You might be the oldest member if you join, but maybe some of the members have lonely grandfathers, they could be the matchmakers.

  • flipper

    MINIMUS- What makes you think Mouthy wants a dried up older geezer who is older than her ?? I'm sure she'd settle for a 50 to 60 year old stud . I bet the lucky guy would have trouble keeping up with her !! She is an energetic young thing ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • mouthy

    OW "AINT " You nice Flipper ,In Merry old England as a Cockney

    I would reply in my cockney accent > "Watcha Cock,aint alf please you said that mate"

  • loosie
    I hear members of the Governing Body can be pretty spritely up to a right old age

    I certainly don't think Mouthy wants a man that she has to train and whip his thinking into shape. Lets look for one already trained.

  • flipper

    SLIMBOYFAT said, " I hear members of the governing body can be pretty spritely up to a right old age. " Yeah Slim- but I don't think our dear Mouthy wants any old GB guys that are pervie old farts. Their view of intimacy is pretty skewed.

    MOUTHY- You have a lot of great qualities sis ! We definitely will keep our eyes open for you ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • dinah

    If you find a man over 82, he won't be able to keep up with our Granny!

  • minimus

    These are Mouthy's requirements---not mine.

  • mouthy


    I am about to kick the bucket.

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