Goofy GB illustration someone related to me

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  • doofdaddy

    Maybe we could further the illustation........ and the player stopped, realising that he had no ball!

    All that sprinting was pointless.....

  • purplesofa

    Thats a much better illustration than the time line thing using a pencil....

    First you are at the eraser, blah blah blah,

    Now ............

    We are at the lead sisters and brothers,

    we are at the very tip of this lead pencil.

    the very end!!!!!

  • shamus100

    Let's make it even easier, if I may.

    You have a tape measure and we start at zero, and end at 10 inches... oh wait... we need to pull out the tape measure a bit more... we stop at 15... oh wait... we need to go a bit further... stop at 20....

    Oh wait, we got it all wrong; let's go to 50...

    Or how about the end is at the end of the rainbow - go get it sucka!!!

  • FlyingHighNow

    Ya'll are trying to demonize the WTBTS. I'm tellin' Reniaa.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Another twist on this illustration could be the GB running in the other direction with all the money gathered up by devoted team members.

    The team members at the opposite goal line are left holding nothing but a cheap pig skin football and some broken dreams.

  • steve2

    Excuse me if I wonder why the angels - who are supposedly watching us as we run ourselves into the ground decade after decade - can't do some of the message bearing themselves, instead of just wishin'and hopin' we don't stop runningbecause the end is soooooooo near. Come on you supernatural beings: get off your backsides and give us a break!

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