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  • Newborn

    Shouldn't this site really be called "Ex JW" instead or something like that?? (in my country the eqivalent site is called "the support source").

    Isn't the name a bit misleading since most of us aren't JWs anymore and doesn't want anything to do with them?

    Just my thought


  • blondie

    Well, if you had been married but then divorced, would you be considered an ex-wife and ex-husband? I think so. Now if you had never been associated with jws, you could be a non-jw (better than being called worldly or an unbeliever like the WTS does)

  • wobble

    The name of this site is fine,all are welcome, not just ex anything. And if an active Witness stumbles on here by mistake , who knows what will happen ? they can always leave if it is not to their liking.



  • Incognito

    What is the main topic of discussion of this site? Jehovah's Witnesses.

    The fact that the majority of members of this site are ex-JWs is irrelavent. JWs, ex-JWs, JW studies, non-JWs, relatives of JWs, co-workers of JWs or even people looking for information on JWs - ALL are welcome. The common item bringing these people together is the Jehovah's Witnesses.


  • JeffT

    Jehovahs' Witnesses are welcome here. I'd even encourage them to come here, they might learn something. Ditto non-witnesses. Most people who have never associated with JW's are clueless when a friend or family member gets involved.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    It's not as if Jehovah's Witnesses would have their own forum for discussing their own religion because:

    a) Some of them obey the GB and steer well clear of anything related to JWs other than watchtower.og and

    b) The rest who can't be bothered or are already here.

    There are plenty of active JWs here though (including me).

  • Waffles

    There's hardly any good domains left at this late stage of the internet game. They did well enough to get the domain that they did for this website, and this website is all about JW's, so I don't see what the problem is.

  • purplesofa

    This site did not start out to be an ex-jw site.

    It evolved that way from people being able to openly discuss things.

    Yesterday, I thought this place was going to go full on pro-JW again.


  • kurtbethel

    I have never been a JW and I am fine with the name. The site is a great enhancement to my study with the JWs. They have 3 of them studying with me now, and I say send more, give me the whole congregation. I get many great ideas for how to approach topics here, with this deep spiritual banquet offered.

  • mraimondi

    if they named it any different, they wouldnt nearly get their jollies off as much by attacking pro-JW viewpoints (even for people that have many negative points as well... NO PRO JW POINTS ALLOWED HERE!)

    seriously, its named to draw JWs in. thats it.

    if it was it would just them.

    purps, its like you are afraid...

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