Information Control & Thought Control - Newbies Check Steve Hassan Out !

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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Which points can apply to Jesus, Reniaa? Have you read the book? He specifically explains why his points don't pertain to what you're saying they do.

  • leavingwt

    Hassan candidly explains that some cults are harmless, while others are destructive. His focus is empowering people to think for themselves.

  • flipper

    LEAVING WT- Thanks for the links to ordering the books by Hassan. Very true- some cults are harmless, others ARE destructive. Especially those who take a person's individual power away.

    RENIAA- Like Leaving WT said- Hassan emphasizes that religions who encourage people to keep their power and control of their decisions are not cults. Religions become DANGEROUS when individuality is stripped from the members and only a " group think " type decision making process takes over thus not ALLOWING people to use critical thinking skills. So, no Steve Hassan DOEs NOT put down all religion.

    You are correct in your statement that yes, there ARE many types of cults. Commercial cults, pyramid schemes, businesses which take the individuals ability to make decisions for themselves away. Also there ARE governmental cults, military cults, and yes religious cults. Anything that takes the locus of control away from the individual and tries to dominate their lives entrapping them to NOT use their free thinking ability can be cult like.

    JOHN DOE- I agree Steve Hassan is very careful to distinguish between what constitutes a religious cult - and what does not. I think Reniaa should read his books - it might enlighten her

  • lurk3r

    also be aware steve hassans very general points condemn jesus as a cult leader if you apply them "if you apply them"

    in fact all religion would be condemned by this spray gun type generalisation

    You could also apply it to non-religious settings like the army that requires complete obedience

    work places don't escape either with their heirachy systems.

    You could probably apply it took working at madonalds and being forced to wear colourful uniforms

    This is some of your best work yet Ren. You give more reasons to read the book than not. It sounds as though this book could be beneficial in more ways than one.

  • bluecanary

    I dislike organized religion, the military and heirarchical workplaces. Thanks for posting that link leavingwt. I justs ordered one.

  • homeschool

    You could probably apply it took working at madonalds and being forced to wear colourful uniforms, funky hats and smile to every customer.I'm a vegetarian and dont like their hamburgers. However, I'm sure if I went into a McDonalds they wouldnt kick me out. They'd say "no problemo! How bout a milkshake instead?"

  • flipper

    LURK3R- Good points. Reniaa doesn't realize she actually does us a favor by inadvertently plugging Steve Hassan's books. Hilarious.

    BLUECANARY- I think you'll really enjoy Hassan's books ! I know reading both his books definitely helped my views of what I went through having been in the witnesses and helped me move on.

    HOMESCHOOL- I'm sure McDonalds would cater to anybody who buys their products, definitely

  • flipper

    Here's a thread on Steve Hassan that a newer member might enjoy

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