Did The Witnesses Predict the United Nations in Advance?

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    Leolaia, you stated - and I do not oppose you - that "Then it would declare "Peace and safety!", the war is now over, but almost as quickly as the postwar period starts, the democratic powers discover that the Vatican is really running the show and they take action against the Pope and the Vatican, destroying the institution altogether. Then almost instantly, all the governments of the world undergo destruction themselves and billions of people are killed directly by God."

    OK. Additionally, I have spoken with oldtimers who remembered that they spoke about the "remaining months" etc. BUT: At the same time, 1942, Gilead was started, the first class graduated, and these first classes were big and so they really prepared for a huge - and lasting - preaching work to be carried out in the years that would follow the end of WWII.

    I have a feeling these articles on the Axis Powers, the Vatican etc. were "left overs" from the Rutherford era. He clearly saw the Vatican as the evil power behind Hitler and the Axis Powers. With Knorr and his first book, "The New World", in my eyes the JW teachings became "modern" and recognisable, became what they also thru later decades remained as. But there seems to have been an interregnum period, where the old Rutherford rhetorics continued ("any day now") but where also the Knorr pragmatism began ("a great work ahead").


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    ScenicViewer Watchtower believes the scarlet-colored wild beast from Revelation is the League of Nations/United Nations. Rev 17:8 describes this beast as existing, then not existing, then existing again. Watchtower interprets this to mean the League of Nations came into existence after WWI, then went out of existence before WWII at some point, then came back as the United Nations after WWII, thus fitting the Revelation description that "the wild beast was, but is not, and yet will be present.".


    IT'S FUTURE - w51 1/1 p. 31 Questions From Readers
    It arrives in our time when Great Babylon, the Devil's organization, falls. So that "day" for Jehovah's strange act, his battle of Armageddon, is still future.

    1919 - w89 4/1 p. 21 par. 22 The Hour of God's Judgment Has Arrived
    the renewed activity and spiritual prosperity that began in 1919 is clear evidence that then, in 1919, Babylon the Great experienced a downward tumble as viewed by Jehovah.

    IT'S FUTURE - w12 6/15 p. 18 par. 17 Jehovah Reveals What "Must Shortly Take Place"
    Soon Jehovah will cause the political elements of Satan's system, as represented by the United Nations, to attack false religion. They will destroy her influence and devastate her riches. Such an event may have seemed unlikely just decades ago. Today, the harlot teeters on the back of the scarlet-colored beast. Even so, she will not slip slowly from her seat. Her tumble will be sudden and violent.—Rev. 18:7, 8, 15-19.

    1919 - w13 7/15 p. 12 par. 11 "Look! I Am With You All the Days"
    By 1919, it became evident that Babylon the Great had fallen.

    The WT tries to teach that BTG falls twice, which is not what Revelation describes. WT teaches that BTG fell in 1919 and will yet 'tumble' in the future. The scriptures are clear that this is impossible!

    Rev 17 describes BTG riding the scarlet coloured wild beast (the UN) which then turns on her.
    - The UN did not exist in 1919 so could not turn on her.

    Rev 17 then describes this harlot being eaten and completely burned with fire.
    - After 1919 BTG still existed with power and influence. She was not completely burned at all.

    Rev 18 continues the account saying 'After this I saw another angel descending from heaven with great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his glory. And he cried out with a strong voice, saying: "She has fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen" '
    - The fall of BTG is actually her being devoured and completely burned with fire, which had not happened by 1919.

    To get around this problem there are some ridiculous ideas that BTG fell in 1919 in a symbolic or invisible way, and the devouring and burning is yet future at the hands of the UN. This is not at all what the simple sequence of Rev 17 and 18 describes.

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    Hey Splash--You're back!

    You were one of my favorite posters while I lurked during my waking process. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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    JR did serve Adolf Hitler with a letter making him know that (to paraphrase the letter) "your goose is cooked and so is your Third Reich's" It appears to me that in this case Jehovah made the word of his servant come true. -Isaiah 44:26

    Or....he was defeated by people who were willing to fight for their country and freedom. Had everyone taken the JW line and not fought, we'd be a world speaking German and Japanese.

    How you can read a thread like this, that exposes the WT's deceitful presentation of it's own history, and then post that I'll never know.

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    WT's deceitful presentation of it's own history,

    What you are saying is only your erroneous opinion- and you can believe if you like it.

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    The brochure "Face the Facts" p.27

    The spirit directed Watchtower leaders prophesied that the Axis of evil (Germany, Japan & Italy) would win ww2. They also stated that Armageddon was right about to begin.

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    Ultimately this. I havent taken the time to read all the post but I think this is where the conversation is going. Eventually history does repeat itself. So if at one point all religion was 1 and it branched off to 3 or 4.. at some point a war would erupt and bring it back down to 1... then in another 1-20000 years the tree branches out again. But when does it stop is the question

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    Why read the brochure when you can hear the talk.


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    Problematic2 - ”Is it arrogance, or are they just dumb?”

    The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

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