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  • John Doe
    John Doe
    Walking and weights is some of the best exercise, IMO. If you're going for high-fitness training, intervals on a REAL mountain bike works great (not at the gym).

    Yeah, I need to get me a bike. There's a great 5 1/2 mile mountain bike trail around lake Fayetteville that's only 3 miles from here.

  • dinah

    Congrats, Doe!

    Your weight loss should settle down to about 1-2 pounds a week. I'm sure the diet/exercise combination kick started your metabolism. As long as you continue to have energy and feel good, I wouldn't worry too much about how many pounds you lose per week. You usually lose the most weight the first couple of weeks, then it should taper off.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Well, 2 pounds a week would exceed my 6 month goal.

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    I have read that a person should lose no more than 3 pounds a week over the long haul. Good luck!

  • Kudra

    Cool- everyone here seems to be getting into shape.

    As for your running- you will be doing the 1 mile run without getting out of breath way before your 6-month deadline. Probably 3 miles by then.

    I missed my run this morning and feel crappy about it.

    Stay on it!! You will be feeling awesome soon.

    You and daniel-p could have a fitness contest? ?

  • crapola

    One to two lbs. each week is safe.

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    As for your running- you will be doing the 1 mile run without getting out of breath way before your 6-month deadline. Probably 3 miles by then.

    Don't know about that. I'll have to lose 30 or 40 before I get into running much. At my weight, running is hard on the joints.

  • dig692

    I had a personal trainer once and he said the first week you generally lose a good amount of weight, mostly being water weight of course, but after that about 1/2-1 lb a day is what you want to strive for. Anything above that might be too much and you may want to up your caloric intake (especially proteins) to ensure you are building muscle and not losing it.

    Of course he also said that the best way to lose weight is by investing in a great work out program with an experienced trainer such as himself, and after 6 weeks at $350 a week I would see some great results...well isn't that something!

  • Leolaia

    I was under a lot of stress at the beginning of this month and had a loss of appetite as a result. I didn't fast or starve, but I ate less. I would eat half my lunch or dinner and throw away the rest (sorry, I know that sounds bad, but I just couldn't finish half the sushi, and they don't exactly keep for later), and so I just started fixing myself less to eat. I was losing a pound a day that way. I dieted at the beginning of the year and struggled to get down just a few pounds before my physical (to get my BMI under a threshold), also increasing my cardio activity by a lot, but the pounds were dropping quickly without much effort.

    That goes with what always has been the case for me -- I get down to a more healthier weight by simply eating less. In my poverty-stricken college days, I had a much better weight, and once I got used to starving a little, I would be fine with it and maintain my weight better. Fortunately, my weight largely stays in stasis for a long time either way, so I don't do the yo-yo thing, but now that I dropped about 5 pounds, I would like to keep them off. I need to increase my physical activity, and especially add strength to my routine. Problem is that I need TV to exercise to, and all my favorite crime shows and Breaking Bad are done for the season. I like exercising while watching tennis (seeing the players sweat it out makes me feel like getting busy), so when Wimbledon starts next week, I know I will start to get in a better routine.

    I am tall (5' 11"), so I can afford to have more weight and still look okay, but I really need to drop 20 pounds to look good. I go back to Canyon Ranch this fall, so it would be great if I could make some progress before then.

  • Kudra

    I love the "Flirty Girl Fitness" ad that this thread summonds up...

    "Are you fit to strip?"

    (p.s. Leolaia I sent you a PM)

    edited to say that this post and the "p.s." are not related. :P

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