Rabbits in the Church!

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    Do we not find very similar practices in the religions of today?

    Some religions may have a confessional; others hold a tribunal and call in the kangaroo court.

    Some religions encourage people to voluntarily confess wrong doings; other religions encourage others to snoop and tell, reporting anything that appears to be a violate of imposed rules.

    Some religions seem to be based primarily on trial and penance with the function of the organization actually revolving around this.

    Have you ever known a disfellowshipped brother to make a heavy financial contribution and become quickly reinstated?

    Religious institutions have always been about power, control, and money. In 2000 years, the game plan has never changed.

    It sounds ridiculous that so many people could believe they could pay their loved ones out of a "hell" in the afterlife and thus gave money and labor to that cause, wasting their lives in slavery for evil men backed by an institution that promised them such things.

    If we had not all believed some terrific lies ourselves, we would think this impossible.

    How can it be that in 2000 years this kind of evil is still perpetrated on mankind? Is it only the lucky few that are able to raise their intellect? Is it really a "heart condition" or a thirst for truth that allows them to see through the lies?

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    The Prayer Book Rebellion

    The oldest example of the Three Hares in England is in a church in Devon. There are 17 churches and 28 roof carvings of the Three Hares in Devon. The dating, though not very exact and not given in the church guides, is estimated to be from the early to mid 1500's. Let's take a look at the historical events of that time.

    While religion was presented as a reason for these wars, there were many other factors as well, such as land, money, economics, political power, natural resources, and more.

    Prior to the Reformation, people had had twenty years of oppression. The social gap between rich and poor had become more extreme. Common lands were confiscated and privatized. No longer could the peasants chop wood from the open woodlands. They were no longer allowed to hunt game for their food in the commonly shared meadows. And their cattle could no longer roam and feed on these lands.

    Population pressures caused inflation and people revolted as prices increased. Two years prior to the Prayer Book Rebellion, the cost of wheat had quadrupled. It was the nobles who fixed the prices and they had developed a high standard of living. The nobles illegally raised rents, cheated, stole, and sometimes resorted to outright violence to take what they wanted.

    The kings needed money to finance wars and further increased the tax burden on those who were already poor.

    The introduction of the Common Prayer Book in 1549 was the straw that broke the camel's back. The people revolted against the changes caused by the theology of the English Reformation.

    The people of Cornwall and Devon were rioting and then set out to march to the king's throne. At first it was a peaceful protest march, designed to make demands on the young king.(The king was only 9 years old, and actually he was being manipulated by an archbishop.) The protesting crowd increased as more joined in from each town they passed through. As they moved closer, the king deployed military forces.

    What was perceived as government attacks on the traditional religion (but was actually orchestrated by the Archbishop of Canterbury) angered the people and they became defiant. Because it was a display of power and a challenge against religious unity, the religious processions, holidays, and pilgrimages were banned. The Act of Uniformity was established as law and religious shrines were removed. Those who carried out the royal orders were often murdered by supporters of the Catholic church. Church silver was beaten into daggers for the military.

    The few peasants who did support the new changes were often killed by their brethern. One story tells of a pro-supporter of the new changes who was gored through with a pitchfork (by devout Catholics) on the church steps.

    The Lord Proctor Duke ordered an army of mercenaries to massacre thousands of opposers and their allies during the suppression of the Prayer Book Rebellion.

    Perhaps those few who were far sighted and saw this coming were responsible for the placement of the Three Hares in the church as a warning signal to flee.

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    Detail from a marble panel from Constantinople. c: 950 CE

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    Have the Three Hares always been a warning symbol?

    This coin depicting a Hare is a 3 pence Irish coin minted in 1939.


    So what significant event happened in Ireland during this time that would elicit a cry of warning?

    Just like all the other events of the time periods of the appearance of the Three Hares there was both tremendous political unrest as well as religious upheaval.

    In February it was implied that Catholics would no longer have status in the land when the Prime Minister declared "A protestant Parliment for a Protestant people!"

    On June 2 the Treason Act 1939 became law. A sentence of death could be passed on anyone levying war against the state.

    (So, what constituted an "act of levying war against the state"? Could it have been supporting politicians that were not favorable to incumbent rulers? Could speech portraying disgust with government decisions be an act of levying war? Could the terms of conditions be as ambiguous as some of the "Acts" we have in current times?)

    On Sept. 1 ...a State of Emergency was declared by the government.

    On Sept. 3 ...the Emergency Powers Act came into force as Britain and France declared war on Germany

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    To further substantiate the hypothesis that the symbol of the Three Hares was a code to alert people to an immediate danger, I find evidence both in Biblical scripture and modern day graphics.

    As the Three Hares motif is most often found in the roof of the church buildings or on the ceilings, I believe this placement has significance as well. Perhaps Bible scripture can reveal the meaning.

    In Exodus 9:12-14 God "promises" (threatens) to send a hailstorm to Egypt.

    "So get your livestock under roof---everything exposed in the open fields, people and animals, will die when the hail comes down." Exodus 9:14

    Now, common sense would tell you that hail itself does not kill people nor would it annhiliate a population. Animals have sense to take cover. This is an implausible scenerio. But consider this...if the livestock aka "sheeple" are sheltered from seeing what is really going on outside, they may never know the truth of exactly what did kill all the people and animals. They will simply believe what they are told by the mouthpiece of "god", just as they always have.

    "Get your livestock under roof". All who are not under the roof of the church will be persecuted. The Three Hares are not under the roof, but on it. They do not accept the dictates of the church. They are considered the heretics and the apostates. They are spiritually above the masses because they see through the sham. The men who speak on behalf of god will have them killed.

    In Judges 9:50 those who were on the roof were able to drop a millstone on the head of one in pursuit to kill them.

    Being on the roof is a vantage point for those pursued. Those who are far-sighted will avoid the dangers. You cannot see what's coming if you are entangled in the crowd below.

    Luke 17:31 "The person who is on the housetop that day must not come down to get his belongings out of his house. The person in the field, too, must not turn back to what was left behind.

    Could this mean that a quick maneuver may be necessary to side step the danger? Do not encumber yourself with possessions at this time. Remember the long quick leap of the hare! "Do not turn back to what's left behind." Do not attempt to return to the church after you have left or have been labeled apostate. There will be no safety for you there. You name is already on "the list".

    Other graphics that reflects the triskelion pattern symbolize danger and running.

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    Even today masses of ignorant people continue to turn over their money and their lives to the direction of these lying charlatans who claim to be on a first name basis with god and claim to speak on his behalf.

    Many people are still psychologically led to believe they can pay their loved ones out of purgatory by purchasing candles in the church and paying to keep them constantly lit.

    Even today, people mistakenly blame government figureheads for oppression that is actually being secretly orchestarted by religions. Politicians are often bought and paid for by religious interest groups and they still take a cut of the lions share.

    At this time in history there are many parallels with religious, economic, and political uprisings of the past. It is no wonder that the interest in the Three Hares has surfaced at this time.

    Will there be yet another religious reformation and massacre?

    Is it time to sound the alarm that the hunt for heretics will soon begin again?

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    The Hare is the Enemy of the Church

    quote from Enoch's Constellations:


    The first decan is the Hare (Lepus). It is shown under the foot of Orion, as if being crushed even as the various other dragons, serpents, and scorpions. Thus, it is identified with evil and with the enemy. The Persians showed it as a serpent, and the Egyptians showed Orion (Osiris) standing on a serpent with a bird on the serpent's back. But to the Greeks, this was the Hare which the Hunter is pursuing. The Christian interpreters identify it only with "the wicked" who will be destroyed at the Second Coming, but to me the meaning is much more precise.

    The second decan is the Big Dog (Canis Major). It is usually depicted as a greyhound, because it is the dog of the Hunter who is chasing the Hare. In this context, both the Hunter and the Big Dog represent Christ, hunting down the Hare. Again the decans help show just what the Hunter is pursuing, in case the myth is not known.


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I am looking forward to finding out if the eggheads can figure it out

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    Hmm. I don't know the facts of the situation, but - as Cameo-d pointed out in one of his earlier posts, hares are often connected with Goddess worship.

    The fact that there are three hares - there is a recurring theme of Triple Goddesses among goddess worshippers. There's Maiden, Mother, Crone - and I suspect that one of the reasons the Trinity of Christianity was so quickly accepted by the Gaelic people is due to their previous worship of triple goddesses - Brigid, to name one...

    Perhaps the 'threesome' of hares could also represent - and I'm going out on a limb here - three significant phases of the moon, too? New, Quarter, Full?? Many cultures don't see a "Man" in the moon; that celestial body is said to have a "Rabbit" or "Hare" instead - the Native Americans, the Chinese, and perhaps other cultures that I'm not aware of.

    My two cents worth... Zid rabbit

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