Have you seen thsi on Blood?

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  • Gayle

    Their double-talk is so frustrating!! Their result of shunning is the same.


    I agree with Black Sheep and White Dove.

    Doesn't change a thing, just saves them the trouble of forming a committee. Evil bastards.

  • carla

    So basically an intelligent jw could go ahead with the transfusion for themselves or children and simply cry about it later and pretend to be remorseful and sit in the back for a few months and then all is well and they can keep not only their family but their very life? wow, good deal.

    How is this different than what so many jw's say about Christianity that goes something like this, ' you say you can be a Christian and go ahead and sin all will be forgiven?' when you are trying to point out their non biblical pharasitical rules & shunnning practices for ridiculous infractions. Isn't this the same thing? go ahead get the blood, suffer the congregational consequences but if you pretend to men you are sorry you will be considered forgiven after you sit through the man made alloted time of a congregational time out? Though Christians do not go to men for their forgiveness. (never mind the Catholics here, not who I am talking about). hmm, this isn't coming out right, does anyone get my point anyway?

    frazled mind today,


  • Heaven

    I suggest that any JW needing a blood transfusion, goes ahead with it. Since the WTS is having problems retaining members, I expect more of their policies will be changing.

    I am very confused as to why the WTS needs to know anything about any medical treatment anyone needs to have. They are not medical professionals. This is personal information and probably falls under many 'Privacy Acts'. They have no need to know this information nor should they in any way have access to it. I personally would not divulge any of this type of information to these clowns. This could be infringing on peoples' legal rights and the WTS needs to be very careful here.

    My father hasn't accepted the blood fractions change so I doubt he'll accept this one. The older the mind gets, the less likely to accept change it becomes. The older ones can't keep up with these changes. The WTS is a piece of work!

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    I get your point Carla.

    Also, that was the WT to covering their legal ass yet again. We've dropped the ban. We are not responsible for those deaths! Pretty soon it'll be 1975 all over again.

    The average JW will still believe that a blood transfusion is banned in the bible and be caused undue pain emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • insearchoftruth

    Sounds like a huge CYA to me.....and Carla, I also get your point.

  • mindmelda

    The wrongful death suits or the potential for them are catching up with them, I imagine. Expensive to fight and settle.

    As someone mentioned above, it'd be fairly simple for you to keep such information from the elders. Patient privacy. Just makes sure the transfusions are delivered when they're not around.

    I've already taken a blood faction, 20 years ago, in fact, I've done it 5 times all together. Rhogam. The first time I took it, it wasn't officially "okay" to do so, but I did it anyway.

    Some of the Witnesses new, and kept their mouths shut for me about it.

    It still makes absolutely no sense that you can take factions and not whole blood or plasma. Insane nitpicking.

  • LouBelle
  • Mary

    If a member has a transfusion, they will, by their actions disassociate themselves from the religion. The ruling emphasises personal choice, he said.

    OK, let's take a closer look at this stupidity: Who gets to decide if a person has disassociated themselves? Is it in fact a "personal choice"? Unless the person writes a letter to the BOE saying that they no longer want to be considered a JW, it is not a "personal choice" at all----merely another play at words.

    This is akin to an employer saying "if you wear a red dress in here, we no longer fire you, but by your actions you have voluntarily quit." Unless the person says "I'm giving you two weeks notice", they have not "voluntarily quit" at all and no judge, attorney or jury would see it as anything other than a firing.

    I would assume that this is yet another pathetic attempt on the Borgs' part to try and avoid lawsuits from all the deaths they've been responsible for. It might also, as has been mentioned, another attempt at slowly making the blood doctrine a 'conscience matter' without having to apologize to anyone for anything.

  • mouthy

    I have had so many calls to tell me I made a BOO BOO!!! ME!!!! Not possible LOL

    I should have read the date on it Printed in 2000 Sorry kids. Mum messed up AGAIN

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