District Convention Friday pm talk - “Answers to Questions About the Last Days”

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  • VM44

    "some Witnesses were expecting..."

    Some? How about Mostly ALL the Witnesses were expecting and that they were encouraged to do so by the Watchtower talks and publications?

    Reminds me of something Norm Hovland wrote a few years ago.

    The elusive “Brother Some” and the Watchtower Society.

    In Brooklyn , they have for years been bothered by a shady and very mystical brother. They usually call him SOME. We receive constant reassurances from the Watchtower that what is printed in the literature is the “truth”. We are assured that they “know” things that no one else knows, because God’s spirit keep them informed. Still this brother “Some” seem to be able to get his totally wrong ideas printed in the Watchtower literature all the time. It remains quite a mystery how this can happen, time after time. Before we investigate some of the strange and mysterious thing’s brother SOME has done, take a look at this:......


  • insearchoftruth

    More on the gentleman who represented Bethel, he also talks about reading the fine print.....I guess as long as the fine print comes off of the presses of the watchtower.

    There is also a lot of pushing on wanting to get ahead, also little hints here and there on how someone who talks about 'didn't they predict the end in the past' is also a false prophet.......wtf???

    We need to be aware of the end being so near....don't be a 'window weatherman'. Even though the world conditions seem ok, know the season.....(ie....we are in the end)....if we are not aware of the season, we could be lulled into complacency. Don't be drawn into the grand tribulation without your umbrella. YUCK

    Each day the faithful slave has important information for us, our children, our bible students.

    Christendom is likened to speechless dogs (IS 56:10-11)....the clergy of Christendom are like blind watchmen, not so with the FDS.

  • VM44

    This speaker is an idiot!

    What is his name? I'll tell that to his face!

  • Mary

    What a crock. "some Jehovah's Witnesses had expectations"??? Ya----and where did these 'expectations originate from?

  • cabasilas

    So, was this group that claims to be "the faithful slave" being discreet when it published all these predictions for 1914, 1918, 1920, 1925 and 1975? Or, when they pressured young JWs not to marry during the late 30s and 40s because Armageddon was so close?

    I don't think the Watchtower Society can deal with the responsibility for their actions. That's why they pass it off on "some" Witnesses instead.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    It seems the GB members coat themselves well with a layer of Teflon regarding accountability for what they say or write.

    Visible arrogance one can assume of being god's only solemn earthly organization, I guess !

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