What Bored You The Most As A JW?

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  • bluecanary

    At assemblies, me and my brother used to write irreverant captions or quotes to go with the pictures. That was the best.

  • logic

    I thought to myself many times during the watchtower study , that if I had to endure this torture everyday as

    a punishment, I would just put a bullet in my head. I think I hated the meetings worse that anyone.

    Sometimes I would count the minutes off, but then the idiots would just go overtime. I knew that I was

    going to be tortured even more when they were on paragraph 9 and 45 minutes were already gone.

    I finally quit waiting for it to end and just would get up and leave.

    Many times on the way to meetings I would just get sick , literally. I was easy for me to leave the organizatio because I had practically left already any way. I can say that from the age that I could remember my heart was never in it, I went because my mother

    made me.

    I am a very outspoken person, and many times I would tell others that said they enjoyed the meetings

    that they had to be nuts. When the elders came to my home to encourage me to go to more meetings, they made

    the mistake of asking me why I didn,t like going, I told them that it was bad enough to have to go but

    why do you guys have to run overtime all the time. I had the articles on hand to show them what the

    society had to say about it. They did try to be on time for a short time after, but not for long.

    It is funny because now I just think of the time that I wasted when I could have been doing something

    better, and how my instincts were telling me that something was terribly wrong and just wanted to

    get up and run. I just never fit in and I finally found out why, because the whole thing was illogical.

  • logic

    As a side note. At least I had a good sense of humor. I also wrote many captions to the societys art.

    I would show them to wife during meetings , she would get to laughing so hard she would have

    to go outside. That and I decorated the literature to suit my taste and I made sure everyone seen

    what I was doing. Some made the mistake of counseling me, I told them that this is what

    kept me from going insane from boredom that always shut them up.

  • WTWizard

    The whole f***ing experience. The entire lifestyle is so limiting that you cannot escape the stagnation--everything from work, the music I could listen to, and where I went was narrowed down--wasting my time driving or being driven around a piece of land that is about 3 miles by 6 miles, knocking on all the doors, the same presentation, never leaving that little territory. Always having to go to the Kingdumb Hell and hearing the same crap all the time. And, having it so there are only about 5 different facets of living--Washtowel study, pretending it's reality, praying to that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag for His wants to be fulfilled, boasting sessions, and field circus.

    Even things not directly associated with the witlesses ended up being narrowed down--I thought they told us that happiness is just above the poverty level.

  • warmasasunned

    i was working recently on a roof, and from that vantage point could see the jw`s walking up the road.my work mate not a x jw said:

    "why do they walk so slow"

    "thats called the witness walk,walking as slowly as you can to burn up as much time as possible,because your so sick of doing what your doing"

    that was the most boring thing of all for me, oh! and all the meetings pherhaps with the exception of the book group,which was only an hour long. talking about the book group i knew of one xbro who told me that he always made sure he went to the toilet at a book group,so he could go through the dirty washig basket(which some people keep in the bathroom) so he could have a sniff at the womans dirty knickers!!! oh and the bro who asked to use the toilet, and then proceeded to clean his teeth using some poor sods toothbrush.

  • four candles
    four candles

    LOL warmasa sunned, cracking stuff. Depends weather the sister was nice or not though eh?.

    For me,the rotten review was so mind numbing,it was done in 5 minutes with answers like Metallica wrote the bible or Goliath was a giant!!

  • royemunson

    And don't forget "The morning consideration of the days text" Used to spend the night with my friend whose dad was an elder. At the time, the Thursday night meeting was on Friday nights. Saturday mornings before we had to go out in service, the family had to gather round the kitchen for "Text Time".

    I remember my friend used to drag his blanket from his bed to the table, sit there with it over his head like a ghost and read the text in a scratchy hung-over like voice.

    Boring...but entertaining to watch.

  • minimus

    The "pioneer shuffle" is a v e r y slooooow walk.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    The Sex.............

  • crapola

    Assemblies, meetings, service, bible studies, reading the same stuff over and over. There was nothing about it that was exciting.

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