Do You Have an LP Record Collection?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dearest Baba:

    I guess it has to do with how I was raised!

    X 1000!



  • flipper

    CoCo- Mrs. Flipper and I both have collected Lp's since our early teen years and have saved them all ! Many are in mint condition- everything from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin to the Stones to Hendrix or Robin Trower ! I even have an orginal 45 of " I want to Hold Your Hand " by the Beatles as originally released in 1964 - still in mint condition. I checked a LP record price book and it said that particular one at the time ( 1993) was worth $ 70.00 may be worth more now, I don't know. I have our albums stored in a cabinet in the living room alphabetically and we pull them out and still play them occasionally. We have our stereo set up for CD's, Records, and cassettes.

    Even though we have a lot of CD's ( blues, rock, reggae, jazz, etc. ) some of the LP's we never replaced on CD's as it would be too expensive to replace ALL of the music ! But music is a savior , isn't it ? We love it ! I would imagine that what you received from the library is worth quite a lot if you chose to sell it on E-bay or something . Sounds like you'll have lots of fun going through all the music ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hey, Mr. Flipper:

    Sounds pretty cool! You've obviously taken excellent care of your music. Good for you. You have some real gems there.

    There are advantages to CDs, obviously: you don't have to guess where to drop the needle. But many feel the sound quality of vinyl is superior. Dunno. I just prefer it myself.

    Thanks for chiming in.


  • Dagney

    Thank you Coco.

    I have friends, errr, "used" to have friends, who collect tube amplifiers and vintage speakers. (Who knew?) They search and buy these tubes all over the internet. And they spend beau coup bucks on vintage vinyl. They swear the sound is superior to CD's.

    Cuckoo for Coco

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Sweet Dagney,

    s by the bushel for you!

    Friends in music swear by tube amps.



    G'night all. Off to a weekend on the lake, housesitting!

  • donny

    I have about 2000 vinyls. About half are rock and country and the other half are 12" singles that I acquired during my DJ days back in the late 70's and early 70's. It's a mix of Disco, Funk, R&B and New Wave dance.


  • Nosferatu

    I've got an LP collection. Just recently picked up some LPs by The Ventures.

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