My neighbor's daughter hung herself

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  • mouthy

    Oh St Ann what a lovley looking fellow. So sad.
    Also How sad Frozen one. I am sure your neighbour
    will need your comfort...

  • snowbird

    That is so sad.

    Peace and strength to the family.


  • mkr32208

    They are often the reason for unexplained suicides!

    Way to be an ass... People who are depressed NEED to be on antidepressants. The drugs don't cause the depression or the suicidal tendencies. The reason that people who start antidepressants sometimes commit suicide is that they start to get better...

    If your laying in your room wishing you were dead but don't have the energy to get up and kill yourself and you start taking a drug that one of the first side effects is that you get some energy? Well it gives you the energy to get up and kill yourself! That's why when someone starts taking a antidepressant you need to REALLY keep an eye on them for the first few weeks. Has nothing to do with the drug CAUSING suicidal thoughts...

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    I really feel for those who remain and probably can't help but feel guilty, somehow.

    Not to trivialize the subject in the least but hanging seems to be more man's way to commit suicide than woman's.

  • Nowman

    I am so very sorry to hear this...having gone through this with my husband's uncle 2 weeks ago...he hung himself in his mom's garage...everyone is still so stunned...I do find it peculiar that he tried to get his anti depressants refilled but because he could not pay, he could not get he had been off of them for a few days...then he does this...I wonder.

    Again, its so sad to hear...


  • lisavegas420

    My boss' grandson shot himself yesterday. He was 22.


  • Sunspot

    Only one who has been in that deep dark pit of total and seemingly endless depsair, could begin to understand the emotions that encompass one at this time. They can not SEE any possible way "out" of whatever problem they are dealing with. It is the worst.

    My heart goes out to anyone that has taken his/ her own life, and know what devastation it leaves behind to the survivors that now are living with the aftermath.

    Ones that are this young have not even really begun to live yet...and here they are gone. I trust that these poor and troubled deceased ones are now finally at peace forever.

  • HappyDad

    Sorry to hear about that.

    A guy I knew hung himself the day before Thanksgiving last year in a closet at his mother's house. He left an ex wife and a daughter. Sad to say..........he was a substance abuser also and was facing more time in the county jail for not complying with his probation officer. This guy would give you the shirt off his back but was a prisoner to his type of abuse. He is missed by those who knew him.

    It's truly a shame that really nice people such as my friend let drugs mess their lives up.


  • purplesofa

    I am shocked at many people have been touched by someone committing suicide recently.

    edited: or touched at all by it, I did not realize it happened so much.

  • Finally-Free

    This always makes me sad, as it reminds me of too many suicides I've come accross in my life. A close friend of mine shot himself in 1994. He tried a number of times before that. I once fought to get a pitchfork away from him as he was trying to stick it in himself. An elders wife that I knew jumped in front of a subway around the same time. A friend of my dad jumped in front of the subway. One of my brothers-in-law hung himself. I witnessed 2 suicides on the subway tracks. My ex attempted suicide the day after I left her.

    You never get used to it.


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