Your Opinion----What's The Worst Way To Go?

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  • minimus

    I think the reason why the JW religion is popular for some is because people are afraid to die. They make Armageddon seem absolutely terrible and terrifying. So to not die or go thru the terror of dying is wonderful!

  • sacolton

    Broken hearted. Trust me on this ... the pain lasts forever.

  • babygirl75

    Being Murdered. Shot or stabbed.

  • hamsterbait

    Bleeding to death fully conscious in a train wreck, and refusing a transfusion from the people who are fighting to save your life.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Bleeding to death, if it's from a severed artery, is very quick and the bleeding its self is not painful. The injury you are bleeding from will be painful. But the neat thing about the human body is that if you have a sudden catastrophic injury, like a painful broken bone, your brain releases a rush of endorphins akin to morphene and the pain greatly lessens and you go into a sort of emotional, stunned shock. I listened to a woman, who had been stabbed repeatedly, say that the only stab she felt was the one that penetrated her lung. I remember being beat up once and after the first blow, all of the sudden I could barely feel the blows.

    If you are a JW, and still believe this blood issue deal, then bleeding to death actually might be pretty euphoric for you. The reason I say so is because of the endorphins and because you believe you are dying faithful to your God. Your death and the needlessnes of it, will be much harder on those you leave behind. I believe though, that upon death, we are allowed to stay on the scene or return at least to comfort our mourners, especially those most closely involved with us. Whether they are open to our presence or not, we can comfort them. I used to wonder about my grandmother who said she could feel her beloved husband with her, even years after his death. I was a snowed JW then. Now? I believe her because I have felt my loved ones who pass on. If you are not close minded, it will often happen that you can feel them and usually when you least expect it, snuffing the theory of you imagining it.

    Broken hearted. Trust me on this ... the pain lasts forever.

    Sac, it shouldn't last forever. Is your broken heart a recent broken heart? If it is, I can tell you that most certainly it won't last forever. If it is the romantic kind of broken heart you mean. Time will wash away the tears and one day you will be able to think of the person and it not hurt. Broken hearts over children, death and family do last, but the lessen.

  • Tuesday

    I don't know if anyone has seen Sin City but there's this scene where a woman holds up her arm without a hand, she was talking about how another character eats other humans and shrieks "He made me watch!!!" To me that is probably the most horrific thing, being cannibalized and forced to watch someone else eating your body parts. Horrific!

  • FlyingHighNow

    Tuesday, that sounds pretty gruesome. It would be difficult to deal with someone who is getting sadistic pleasure from hurting you and scaring you. I remember when a serial killer in either North or South Carolina, kidnapped, tortured and killed a blonde beauty queen. He forced her to write a goodbye letter to her parents (the impressions from the notes on the pad of paper were part of the key evidence in convicting him later.) She happened to have a very strong faith and it sustained her through the last days of her life. She told her parents she was not afraid and that they should take comfort that she was going to heaven. She didn't blame God: she recognized that this man was sick and misusing his free will to get some sick entertainment from not only her suffering, but from that of the entire community and even country as it was all national news.

    Imagine if a person who is being tortured and knows they will be killed, believes that this life is it...all there is. I would imagine in most cases, the time would be even more harrowing.

  • caliber
    Imagine if a person who is being tortured and knows they will be killed, believes that
    this life is it...all there is
    . I would imagine in most .cases, the time would be even more harrowing.

    thus it follows...." The death of HOPE is the worst death " ~~~Caliber

  • FlyingHighNow

    I agree, Caliver. I think people with no hope will need an abundance of natural neurotransmitters to get through this life without some major melancholy.

  • the research lady
    the research lady

    " I knew this subject would get the attention of our dear Mouthy. I have to agree with her. She also knows why I agree with her. Less than a year after I suffered a massive brain hemorrhage I was in a near fatal car accident in which I was a passenger. A sister was driving the car and took her eyes off the road because she thought she saw her husband. She was afraid he would be upset if he got home before she did. She drove into some trees next to a canal and we rolled over twice before ending up in the canal upside down in the car. I thought I would die in the car but I did manage to get out as she also did. Here I am 20 years later but still suffer from chronic illnesses. All that being said, I still would prefer to go "quietly into the night" in my sleep. But just as Grace knows we do have a better place to go and we shall be friends forever. I feel blessed to know her.

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