Your Opinion----What's The Worst Way To Go?

by minimus 45 Replies latest jw friends

  • mkr32208

    Best; stripper avalanche...

    Worst; Fire ant enema...

  • vikesgirl101

    Being eaten alive by an aligator, shark or any other animal.

  • caliber

    Being trapped under a fallen building with huge concrete walls over you, only a very small crawl space.

    You have no food or water and have hours & hours to think about your situation !

    To me even burning is painful but relatively short lived... prolonged hopelessness is the worst !

  • caliber

    From the internet this is ......

    A physician we interviewed recounts the story of a laborer in Africa who worked around vats of sulfuric acid -- one of the most caustic forms of acid. The man fell in one day. He quickly leapt out, but was covered in sulfuric acid, which immediately began to burn him chemically. In a panic and excruciating pain, the man ran outside. By the time his coworkers caught up to him, the man had essentially dissolved.

    The acid burned the man to death, searing through skin, cauterizing blood vessels, and eating through organs until he died. The pain would be unbearable, and the circumstances irreversible. This is unquestionably a really bad way to die.

  • StAnn

    Oh, I don't know, I think that lying on a gurney in a hospital operating room, bleeding to death, feeling the blood ooze out of my body, knowing that I could be saved if I'd only have a blood transfusion~then dying and finding out the whole JW thing is [email protected]@t. That would really suck.

    St. Ann

  • kurtbethel

    Being nagged daily, with little bits of your soul perishing each day.

  • wobble

    I want to go peacefully in my sleep, just like my Grandad, mind you it wasn't so good for the 56 passengers on the coach he was driving at the time !



  • FlyingHighNow
    Being nagged daily, with little bits of your soul perishing each day.

    That is one reason I have lost faith in marriage. Still, I'd rather be nagged than die a painful death or be a murder victim.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Hanging in a cubord with a curtain cord around your genitals....DAVID CARRADINE! How friggin embarassing!

  • TheOldHippie

    A sign at a delivery room (labour ward) aid "The first three minutes are stressing" - and someone had written with a pencil "The three last ones can also be rather hair-raising".

    For me, just KNOWING that Death is there is the worst of it all, that it is looming out there in the future Darkness somewhere. Plane crash; drowning; stuck and burning; cancer ....... I find the Bible verse that Satan for fear of death has held whole mankind in prison - or whatever it says, I don't remember in detail right now - is so very fitting.

    A priest told me that if there had been quite many deaths in the parish, and especially among young ones etc., the priests would come together and talk and try to encourage each other. And at one of these meetings one of them had said, "Death sucks" - and "my" priest said that pretty much summed it up. Now he is going to be a bishop, by the way.

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