If The Organization Wants U 2 B Financially Insecure How Does It Help Them???

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  • yknot

    I think there was a level of belief that the end would come. (This is gone now, maybe Jaracz was the last true believer)

    I agree wholeheartedly with Sir82

    I see a mass change coming, in fact they could easily expand Gilead to include homeschooling products and college courses.

    Then again I would be very pleased for them to simply close shop!

  • minimus

    If they believed that their past view was incorrect, they would've allowed for at least SOME college like they did in the 80s.

  • yknot

    Well what can I say...... it is a personality driven Organization!

    Barry was college educated, and Jaracz wasn't....... I think he was jealous of Lloyd!

    I think we are entering a more corporate era of the WTS where Legal and Accounting have as much if not more pull then Writing.

    Since Jaracz stroked-out in May, we probably won't feel the effects until after summer or well into next year.

  • Dagney

    Ridiculous isn't it? I was raised by parents who spouted "Be Satisfied with Sufficient." Luckily, for my aging parents, I wasn't satisfied, and they could be well cared for in their later years.

    I tell my JW friends, "what institution/organization doesn't want the smartest, well educated, and productive people to represent them, to contribute to them....hmmmmm???? Jehovah's Witnesses."

    Ridiculous. (But good for us here...)

  • DaCheech

    they get probably $10 a month per publisher for all boxes. what helps them out is:

    these publishers scrape along their whole life and still give them the $10.

    when these guys die, they die as uberzealots. therefore end up giving to the society between $10k to $100k in their will.

    uberzealots give 100% to society, uberzealots get cremated with KH talk, saving mucho $$$ in funeral costs

  • minimus

    JWs can't leave wills. They got nuthin.

  • DaCheech

    they got stuff.

    they're poor most of their lives, somebody in their family leaves them something when they're later in their years.

    they pass that $$$$ to the society

  • Satanus

    Shit minnie, i thought you had the answer. This is something that i often wonder about, too. I think that, while the gb don't believe all the shit that they spout, they still believe the basic structure: that thye are god's reps on the earth, the end is soon. If they really believe that the end is so close, that might explain it.


  • Scully

    When people have good jobs, they realize that they can rely on themselves, and they don't need to Rely on Jehovah™ as the WTS teaches.

    When people have good income, they realize that they can be in far better control of the outcome of their lives, they aren't just living at the whim of Time-and-Unforeseen-Occurence™. They can actually plan for their future, have a pension fund, and a home that they own. They don't have to pray and hope and wish for Jehovah's Blessings™, because they can provide for their own "blessings".

    When you have people who believe that Keeping Your Eye Simple™ by maintaining a meagre existence in the present will result in a huge payoff in the indefinite future, you have a volunteer workforce that is willing to do whatever is asked of them in order to benefit from the potential payoff in The New System™.

    It isn't about money, minimus, it's about maintaining control over people.

  • BurnTheShips

    I understand all the above, but to bring balance, I will mention that there are plenty of miserable people with means.

    Just saying.

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