My E-mail to Sherri Shepherd of The View

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  • snowbird

    Who knows where this may lead?

    Hi, Sherri.

    I want to thank and commend you for your efforts in exposing the Watchtower Society for its history of deception, doctrinal flip-flops, and false prophesying about the end of the world.

    I belong to a discussion board of mostly ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, and your revelations about the WTS on The View have caused many to seek out our site.

    One thing I'd like to ask, are you aware of the WT's past view that Black people are inferior to others?

    You can find the details about this at Randy Watters' site, When you get some time, I strongly advise you to look up this information.

    I'm sure you will be just as shocked and appalled as I was.

    All the best to you and your staff.


    Comments and critiques welcome.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Nice, very nice!

  • snowbird

    Thanks, OO7.


  • snowbird


  • babygirl75

    Nice, but you forgot to say "I'd like you to give a shout out to my girl, babygirl, on air one day" lol

  • Dagney

    Good Sylvia!

    She very well may answer. My xJW gf corresponded with her a bit via email when she first started on The View.

  • asilentone

    Can someone invite her to join this board?

  • Scott77


    Iam really shocked to the bone. I didnot know that the WTS viewed blacks as inferior to other races. Thank you so much for pointing out this on freeminds. This is another reason not to believe that this organisation is God's and is spirit-directed.


  • sweetface2233

    I don't know what was said on The View, but I have read in several places that Sherri was raised as a Witness.

  • DeanOs

    I ' ve only watched the view a few times: and here (south africa) just this week Monday she said she had been a J W and her father too, that he had been 'excommunicated' (ie disfellowshipped) and that she was instructed to NOT talk to him: she said she did anyway, because of Love: A biblical COMMAND! Sraight up. Then, she said she is no longer a Witness and now attends a non-denominational Church, AND ( get this !!) spoke of the hypocrisy of the leaders of 'certain churches' .. hmmm, wonder which one, given her background and from which she left!

    I mentioned this to another here, and on this board.. and that how this will help elevate the debate (thx for that expression Obama 'ou pal' ;) ensuring some 'scale-dropping' and maybe more awareness of the general public here of J W Org' s true nature (of the beast?! )

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