I should be DF'd

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  • asilentone

    I would be df'd if they ever find out I am here.

  • mouthy

    Mouthy you ain't old enough to be the devils siter, you ARE the devils daughter !

    I am ??? Well whether I am his sister,daughter,neice,He dont bother me as much as
    The Organization that kicked me out ,for preaching that I was preaching TRUTH!!!
    And I preached the DEVIL was everywhere BUT the Organization of Jehovahs Witnesses
    Then I found out that was the very place I found him.In the organization

  • vikesgirl101

    I got the ax for saying I didn't want to belong to an organization that insisted I either remain in an abusive marriage or stalk a dangerously mentally ill jw husband long enough to see if he would decide to commit adultery or murder.

    Jamiebowers: This is the same reason I did the fade. I was told the next time I was raped, to go into the hospital. Hello? The next time? I don't think so. They also wanted police reports of physical abuse. Threatening to kill you is not a reason to leave either. Does this strike you as a cult?

    It is amazing to me that they have this stand no matter what cong you attend. That shows that they are universally assholes. Did that sound bitter? I have been trying to work on that.

  • shamus100

    Yes, son, you will get DF'd for just being here. It's "the truth".

    Why does Reinna come here? I don't know. I don't think there's a single Jehovahs Witness on the planet that is at all proud of her, and would want her out of they're congregation on the spot. She is clearly a nutcase.

  • rebel8

    OP, I also suspect *some* people post here because they're making an effort to be 'found out' and DFd......perhaps unconsciously.

    It's a common trait of humans to push toward resolving conflicts.

    I happen to think it is easier to leave the org on one's own terms, ie, by fading, than to let them have the satisfaction of controlling you.

    But to each, his own of course.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Maybe renaie is counting time?

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