I should be DF'd

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  • rockmehardplace

    I was thinking about this site and the purpose it serves. Each person has a different reason to be on here. Some of us are in and want out, some of are out and need to use this as a way of communicating the hurt and repression and anger that they have experienced whether self induced or WT induced. Some of us are here because we passed the pain along time ago and are here to help others. Some of us are just lost and trying to figure things out. There there is the one group who want to defend the organization. Since I am a physically active member, mentally faded, would I not be DF'd for being here? Even if it was to defend my beliefs as a pro-organization/pro-Jehovah person, my just being here would cause me to be DF'd as I could be open to having apostacy creep in on me and harm the congregation. Why are there ones on here like Reniaa who do this? Are they exempt from all forms of punishment because they are trying to save their brothers? I am just trying to reason how someone can come onto a forbidden site such as this and try to save someone when they themselves are violating the rules of the society.

    And before you start your reply, remember, in WT world suggestions by the society are nothing more than a nice way of saying that "this is the rule." For example, it is each individuals decision to get a tattoo. Get one and make it public knowledge and find out what happens. A lot happens. Voting is a personal decision even though we are politically neutral. Vote and see what happens when you are removed from elder or MS. Dress and grooming is a personal decision. Try wearing a shirt with a beer logo on it outside of the KH. Enjoy the elder's counsel.

  • rebel8

    Cognitive dissonance, or trolling.

    But the real issue is your journey, right? Why do you belong to an organization that dictates which websites you can go to?

  • leavingwt

    I believe that all of the elders that I knew would have DF'd someone for willingly, unrepentantly participating in what can only be described as an "Apostate" discussion forum.

  • rockmehardplace

    Rebel8, as my name states, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place right now and physically cannot leave or fade yet. Mentally, I have been fading for some time. My time will come soon. I hope sooner than later. What started this thread for me was I accept the punishment if found on here. Not that I am looking for trouble. I just think that for me, I see even more hypocrisy in the JWs by those who come on here to defend their religion when they are doing the opposite of what they are being told. It was merely an observation and I would be curious as to what they have to say.

  • mouthy

    What ever your reason for being here" rock"
    We welcome you...It is very difficult to get your mind back
    after it has been captured by a false prophet (deut 18;20-22)
    But it can be done over time.>http://exjw.weebly.com/

    Grace Gough known as Mouthy/Granny/ & by the WT the Devils sister

  • wobble

    Mouthy you ain't old enough to be the devils siter, you ARE the devils daughter !

    Only jokeing, you live up to your name, Grace, and we all love you.


    I feel for you, it must be so difficult to be aware in your mind of all that is wrong with the WT, but have to seem to go along with it, you are a bit like a resistance fighter in the 2nd World War. far from easy.

    I agree that any on here who are actual apologists for the WT are being very hypocritical, but I think you will find some on here kind of play a devils advocate sort of game, and that is usefull, it sharpens our minds, and quite often introduces an element of balance into debates.

    keep us posted as to your situation, all the best,



  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I get what your saying 'rock' I really don't understand people like Reniaa either . She has no desire to exit the org., and yet she goes against all the counsel from her org. and persists to come on a forbidden website ? Makes no good sense to me .....I just ignore her postings because it comes off quite hypocritical .

    (Should be edited to add that this is a public forum though and who ever for what ever motivates them has a right to post their views...)

  • vikesgirl101

    Dear "Rock", I can really relate to your dillema here. It is so complicated leaving. I have done many things that would have me DF'd as well. At the top of the list would be apostasy. I do not mean to be bitter or negative. I truly believe in the saying of "Nameste". The spirit in me respects the spirit in you.

    However my journey has led me to search for not only solace, but a way of putting the pieces together. We have been conditioned that this is the "Truth", however we are not allowed to be curious about origins of doctrines. So I think about the scripture that says "Test, and see that God is good." Well he is good. He does make the sun rise on the wicked and the righteous. I have seen this myself.

    I do not believe God deals in complications of details, in such that a rule can change on a dime. I do not believe as we were told, that he allows these things to go on to see who is faithful. It doesn't add up. If you change the rules for your children on a daily basis, they become exasperated, and lose respect. Hence the scripture "Fathers, do not be irritating your children." Would our heavenly father do this, at the expense of his Earthly childrens sanity? My personal opinion is, no he would not. He believes in consistency. Afterall, he is a God of order.

    Don't beat yourself up, Rock. Embrace the newfound "truth" you are uncovering. I know that I am! :)

  • mindmelda

    They left me as much as I left them. I even asked for assistance, tried extra study to reaffirm the JW beliefs, and they could not answer my questions, would not give me spiritual assistance nor be encouraging.

    I was given so little reason to stay a Jehovah's Witness, emotionally speaking, and intellectually, I had deconstructed some their beliefs without anyone able to refute me. I just made the few people I asked sincere questions of angry and frustrated with me, and pretty soon they started ignoring me.

    For me, it was kind of like being in a bad marriage where I just couldn't communicate with the other "person" to be a Witness. I found it so emotionally and spiritually unsatisfying that I was really depressed about it, very guilty, and assumed it was all my fault. I wasn't trying hard enough, didn't have enough faith.

    I have plenty of faith in what I believe now. And it sustains me emotionally in a way I never experienced being a Witness. I don't know, maybe I was just "doing it wrong" but it just didn't work out for me.

    I really don't mind being "doomed" as far as they're concerned. My hopes are different now and the way I look at it, we won't know a lot of things until we're dead anyway.

    I don't feel condemned by God anymore...I feel loved and sustained. That's worth anything to me!

  • jamiebowers

    Who knows what lurks in the minds of the likes of Reniaa? Who cares? But there are plenty of people on this board, myself included, who have been df'd for simply saying something. Granny Grace (Mouthy) was df'd for saying she didn't believe in 1914. I got the ax for saying I didn't want to belong to an organization that insisted I either remain in an abusive marriage or stalk a dangerously mentally ill jw husband long enough to see if he would decide to commit adultery or murder.

    You posted the other day about your wife asking you to decide whether you are in or out. Has the discussion continued? Don't follow their stupid rules. Just fade. Hopefully that will be out enough for you and your wife.

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