Oh well another cult uses it....

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    At least the new incumbents will do a lot more for their local community than the JW's ever did (or do).

    The Masons do a tremendous quantity of charitable work,it is also not so hard to leave, so not so much of a cult !

    By the way great BIG cyber hug Mouthy,

    much love,


  • mouthy

    By the way great BIG cyber hug Mouthy,

    much love,Thanks Wobble

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    LOL that is weird mouthy! the masons homecoming eh?!

    is also not so hard to leave

    I wouldn't agree entirely with that comment wobble. You can leave - and they can make life very, very difficult for you...

    Don't be fooled by the nice charitable front - that's just for show.

  • jamiebowers

    Hey Grace, was his on Google news? This newspaper is from the county in which I live.

  • mouthy

    No Trevor sent me it....

  • cameo-d

    quote from article:

    James Cunningham, Past Illustrious Master of the Niles McKinley Lodge, said the fraternal organization purchased the building last year. For many years it was used as a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    To convert the former Kingdom Hall into a Masonic Lodge,

    I suppose turn-about is fair play.


  • Uzzah

    oh contrare mes amis. (On the contrary my friends.)

    Due to various circumstances I recently took a demit (aka quit) from my Lodge. It took a letter and it was done. No pressure, no grief, no repercussons. They did want to know why but accepted my decision.

    I will likely be joining another Lodge in the very near future (my old lodge didn't/doesn't know that) but this crap about not being able to leave is just that ...crap.

    The Masons are pseudo religious but can't really be called a cult. No high control, no demand for common belief except in a creator/designer.

    Back to the point of the article however, the Mason's will do more for the community than the JW's ever have and certainly won't be harassing the neighbours at 9:30 Saturday/Sunday morning.

  • mouthy

    UZZah a Mason??? I had a dear friend who was a Mason.He tried to get my hubby
    into it.... But it was a no show! I was told it was because he was Catholic...RIGHT??
    Also to join one must roll up the leg of his pants etc: to take the oath?
    I remember years ago. A Minister in England exposed all the Masonic "rituals"
    Lots of trouble about it at that time.YEARS ago....
    I personally think when anyone has to do ANYTHING to become a member ( except
    pay your dues with money)it is cultish, & to exclude some one because of religion
    is predujuce ....Just my two cents
    Lovely to see your still with us Uzzah....Miss ya, even if I dont always agree
    with you my sweetie(((((HUG))))

  • truthsetsonefree

    Funny how many Halls are closing. So many JW and WT are being sold. One can only hope....

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