When is it time to say goodbye?

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  • PEC

    Our cat Carmel has been sick for over a month.

    She started puking every morning and about a week later, on Barbara's birthday, she puked five time before 8:00 am. We canceled our plans and took her to the vet, he ran a bunch of tests and sold us some medicine for the puking. The next day we got the results, the vet said he thought it was Pancreatitis, he sold some antibiotics and some canned cat food. Carmel wouldn't eat the vet's cat food, so we changed her food to a canned food she would eat.

    A few days after medicine was gone, she started puking again. We decided to see a different vet, one that isn't in the $2.00 a can cat food business. This vet ran another test to see if it was Pancreatitis and sold us some more of the medicine for the puking. The next day the vet called and said the test was inconclusive. The vet wants to put Carmel on VI fluids and run more tests.

    Carmel is now puking with the medicine, she is 14 years old and it doesn't look like she is going to get better.


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Always a tough decision to make when you love your pet. I always look at the quality of life they have left.

    Then, if they are really suffering, I have my husband take them to be put down. I don't have the ability.

    Sorry, hope something helps your cat.

  • dinah

    Oh PEC, what a beautiful kitty. Does she seem to be in pain? Poor baby.

  • restrangled


    I am so very, very sorry! , its so hard to say good bye to our old good friends. It's time, she is suffering.

    I went through this last December with my Doberman with lymphatic cancer. After months of pills, puking, various expensive foods, he lost the ability to urinate without pain, and developed a growth in his throat that threatened to choke off his oxygen intake.

    After going to 3 different vets, one agreed, yes he is miserable and slowly choking to death. The other vet's tried to sell me pills, food, etc. Nothing worked.

    If you cannot handle your pet being put down....don't go. Send some one you trust. Give your last kisses and love and remember her as she was.


  • Purza

    Hey there. Where I work we are a group that loves our animals. One woman was unable to have children, so her dogs are her children. She had to let one go a few years ago and it broke her heart. When you ask her about it now, she said it was the best decision - so the animal didn't have to suffer. So although it is hard to let go, if the kitty is suffering then it is time. And I know this may sound crazy, but I read somewhere that animals accept death better than us humans. They do not have fear of it. Whether or not that is true, I do find that kinda comforting.

    She is a beautiful kitty. Looks like a flame point. My thoughts are with you and Carmel.


  • Vinny

    About four years ago now my dog's kidneys failed and he would throw up everything too. It was the most heart breaking thing I ever had to do, to put him to sleep. I tried to keep him around for as long as I possibly could.

    And then I decided to be there with him when they gave him the shot.

    Cried for weeks after that.

    But it was the right thing to do.

    You'll know when enough is enough.

    Here are a few helpful links:





    Hang in there.

    All the best,


  • loosie

    Pec I am sorry to hear about Carmel. But if she isn't in pain then it isn't time.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Too sad...sorry.

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll

    We are having a hard time with this, it is Heart Breaking for us.

    Are Cats are like our Children, we had her for 14 years.

    If you cannot handle your pet being put down....don't go. Send some one you trust.

    He wants me to do it, I told him we both should do it. We have no one else to do it.

  • Gregor

    At 14 she has had a good long life and more than likely has a serious problem. I hate to bring up the obvious but I can't see any harm in giving her a good dose of hairball medicine.

    I too have a problem with vets who I feel "work" you for money. We have a vet for our two dogs that starts selling when we go for routine shots or whatever. A recent trip for their nail clipping, $25.00, ended up at $285.00. I am still not sure I wasn't 'had'.

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