If christ loved everyone then why don't christians

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  • loosie

    Love or at least tolerate everyone?

    I had a 13 yr old friend of my daughters visit this weekend. She told me she was going to bible camp. She also said that she doesn't know if she is considers herself Christian because her friends at bible camp tell her that she shouldn't have friends who aren't Christian.

    Now this isn't her mother telling her this. Her mother doesn't check to see if her friends are christians before her child spends the night at their house. These are just the church/bible camp christians telling her this.

    So why do they feel the need to impose their judgemental ideas on 13 yr old kids?

    What if I told my daughter that she couldn't have any friends that are christians because of the hateful ideas that they like to inflict ?

    BTW we have friends of all religions and races and ideas. But sometimes I could sure do without christians who have this kind of attitude.

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll

    Some Christians think they are better then everybody else and some Christians have attitudes,

  • PEC

    You should tell her, that you don't have to be a bigot, to be Christian. You can be a Christian and have friends that are not Christians.



    If your not following the example of Jesus..You are not Behaving like a Christian..........The Bible Camp Christians,are at the wrong meeting place..They need to get to a Kingdom Hall.....................LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • loosie

    Well I did tell her that its ok to have friends of all kinds. I already know this girl won't hang out with kids who do drugs.

  • allelsefails

    I always remember Jesus wasn't a christian. He was a Jew! He thought going to synagogue and reading from Moses was a good way to spend your saturday. His brother James was known until the day he died for praying in the Jewish temple everyday (even though he was running the local christian congregation). Christians who judge are not following Christ. Intolerance was never taught by Christ. Good job teaching tolerance to your young one, don't let her get dragged into a situation of "us" and "them". All wars, oppressions, slaveries, have started with "us" and "them".

  • cameo-d

    allelsefails: "All wars, oppressions, slaveries, have started with "us" and "them"."

    But that's what religions teach. All of them.

    Loosie: "She told me she was going to bible camp."

    Is bible camp anything like jesus camp?

    Do you think her mother knows what goes on at Bible camp?


  • carla

    If Christ loved everyone then why don't Christians , do x, y or z? Because you have that pesky human element involved as well as free will.

    Though I do agree some can be obnoxious, then I suppose we all can obnoxious sometimes no matter our belief system.

  • Brocephus


    Christ was the son of God and Perfect. Becoming a Christian doesn't make you any less human.

    That's like saying if you are a boxer and not as good as Muhammed Ali you are a hypocrit.

    Just say you hate God and Christians and move on to the next topic. There are a few black people I don't like but I would certainly be wrong to say all blacks are stupid, lazy drug addicts based on those few people. Even though there are a lot of black people that would fit that description it is still unfair, because there a lot of white people that fit that too. Like the movie Jesus Camp, you are looking for the bad and finding it with Christians is what I am saying. Hold the individual accountable for what they do, not the rest of the group. And yes I think a lot of the people in Jesus Camp are whacky but I wouldn't say that respresnts all Chrisitians any more than saying the Sopranos represnts all Italians.

  • gubberningbody

    Did Christ love everyone?

    What do you mean by love?

    How do you know Christ existed?

    How do you know what he may or may not have said?

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