Teaching lies.

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  • reniaa

    both sides of the coin again

    anti-christ yes we are encouraged to stick by the publication order whichever book you use but it's okay to address specific questions brought up by the study and maybe find stuff that particualr addresses it especially if it is something important to the study. lying was never an option you may say "give me time to look it up if it is an indepth issue" but thats all.

    poppers You should not get baptised if you do not know what you are getting into, that why the elders have that question talk it addresses everything from blood to df-ing there is nothing hidden. When Jesus Got baptised did he think well this is not a full commitment i'm only half sure? Baptism is about FULL commitment to the message and to God, if you no longer believe it then you should not be one anymore simple as that but JW's have commited themselves to preaching the message and to being a religion that follows God's word they are accountable for that as is anyone that says they are Christian this is not a time for half measures and loopholes.

    hi anti-christ just read your next message why didn't you show him were the bible shows that leaders are responsible for deciding everyday aspects of the faith?

  • deemoo

    Hi Anti-Christ,

    I don't know what the norms are wherever/whenever you had those studies, but my experience studying with thse JWs hasn't been like that. When I asked about the skirts only for women (I'm a girl.. I find the whole skirts only, not being able to give speeches, etc., very sexist and annoying), the people I'm studying with were very clear in telling me that these things were expected and what they believed. They gave examples of people who wore trousers during meetings when it was deep winter, but made it clear to me that while I might feel these things are sexist, it was what was recommened and what I would be expected to follow. They didn't lie to me about that.

    The whole beard thing was explained to me as - even though Jesus had a beard, in the modern world, a clean-shaven person is considered more approachable. Since the JWs do a lot of door-to-door work, it is important that people don't feel threatened by them and that is why the org. asks them not to keep a beard.

    Yes, they do keep certain things under wraps/carefully phrase their words until they think the topic is more palatable... but I don't think they have lied to me yet.

    So, I don't think ALL people who conduct bible study are liars/forced to lie by the society.

  • freeman

    "Show me one publication were it says we should lie to our studies as a delaying technique?"

    When I had questions about the blood issue, early on in my study with the witnesses, I was asked to wait until we came to that subject in the truth book, it would all make sense by then. That was many months latter, after I was softened up, after I did more trusting and less thinking, after my girlfriend was well hooked and knew I would loose a lot by backing out, after I had a lot invested. No it’s not written that I know of, but it sure as hell was practiced on me!

    As far as lying, the Watchtower has publications written that promote deception and outright lying. The publication use to prepare for child custody cases, actively promotes deceiving the court to believe that the children have NORMAL goals and aspirations, Not Kingdom related goals that others would find weird.

    Becoming a Journalist for example is suggested as a life goal to deceptively tell the court. You don’t become a journalist without a college degree, and everyone knows the societies stand on college. You are sworn to the truth, and the entire truth. This is deception in its most heinous form, using a child to deceive and press their own twisted agenda.

    How about the society declaring that you only needed to “tell the truth to those that were deserving of it” . EVERYONE deserves the truth!

    How about the lie I was told in my congregation, right from the platform. I was told that literature would now be distributed on a purely donation basis, no set price.

    I was told the reason for the change was a “simplification” to make it easier, and also to show how we were so different then other religions who were motivated by profit making.


    The real reason for the change was that they (the Watchtower Society) got into bed with Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, worked with them, spent some of my donated money on lawyers to help Swaggart Ministers to fight a tax levy on the sales of religious publications, because they knew they could be next. Swaggart and the Watchtower Society lost the case. That is when the change to donations was made, and that is the reason! Here is the link: http://www.geocities.com/paulblizard/jimmy.html

    Yes the Watchtower Lies!


  • Anti-Christ

    Okay I can get what you are saying and yes things have change, I know I and others around me did not tell everything or answered their questions 100% accurately at the first sing of interest they would let the person warm up to the ideas. If the person "progressed" then more information was given. I guess it is not the same for every one everywhere.

    I will give a list of things that were not discuss with new studies or return visit ( at first ) if they would ask, tell me if this is in your opinion is accurate.

    What happens after one becomes a JW and no longer accepts everything the GB teaches (shunning)

    Women's position in the congregation and in their own family. (can't teach and submissive)

    Children are not forced in to be in the religion.

    That only JW will be saved( I know every time someone would ask in door to door every JW would answer only god can judge but they all knew that this not what was implied at he meetings)

    Other things the WTBTS NEVER talks about even after one becomes a JW , I only found out after I left is the bible itself, all the verses about Israelites "keeping young virgins for themselves" ,the laws about selling your daughter as a slave, taking captive women for your self and if after a specific number of days "you no longer took pleasure in her" to let her go. The contradictions in the bible. The REAL origins of the bible are never talked about. The fact that they are a bunch of other books of the NT that never made in the bible and who decided. That the old testament of the bible is based on the Masoretic text that only dates back to the 9 century and that it is very different from the dead sea scrolls. The dates of when these book were written. Most of this is just keeping information other things are just plain lies.

  • Anti-Christ

    Thank you freeman, those are good examples.

  • carla

    I have a vague memory of a wt (or other) where they state to not bring up the 'deeper things' to new studies, that alone shows the deceptive nature of the wt as does having two sets of literature, one for the public to see and a different for members only. Not to even mention all the unspoken rules and punishments dealt out by the cong & elders.

    If they were really honest at the door they would say something like this: Hello, we are jehovah's witnesses (note they would identify themselves which they rarely do even after asking them 3 times!!!!!) we would like you to join our organization, we believe we have the only truth about the bible and God on the face of the planet. In fact our governing body has a direct channel to God. (no, it's not quite the same as Shirley McLains type of channeling, at least I don't thinks so, the watchtower never told us how that works exactly) If you join you must be willing to have dictated to you how to dress, personal hygiene, your entertainment choices, your intimate sexual life with your spouse, sucide upon our request, employment & career choices, education, who you can associate with, be ready throw your children & parents away at our direction, and you must believe everything the gb hands down. We will control 99% of your time. Should you have questions after you are baptized and can prove the gb wrong with the bible you must keep your mouth shut. Know that we practice extreme shunning and expect you to shun people who you are not even sure are guilty. So how about it? would you like a bible study that doesn't actually use the bible but instead uses literature produced by mere men who will not tell you their names or education? If you ask us a question that is too tough we simply drop you like a hot potato, sounds easy enough, what do you say? should I pretend to make a time and not show up?

  • Anti-Christ

    Nice one carla, I would like to see someone try that. I'm not DFd so I could go out door to door and try it lol!

  • Anti-Christ

    That is also a good point about the two different WT, I forget about it a lot because this was established after I stop attending.

  • awildflower

    That was good carla!

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    The JWS have culminated a huge amount of devious lies in the running and the operation of their organization,

    you might call it an organization of lies to cultivate power and money, thats how many religions operate though,

    placeing a white sheet over themselves is just part of the strategy.

    Their stack of lies are about as high as the Great Pyramid of Giza

    This is the truth of the freedom of religion.

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